IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-04-30

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juejaeger: indeed, hdt looks very nice09:35
frinnstso, what broke from the gnutls update? Samba, tigervnc(my own local port)... anything else?09:42
juesorry, I don't use gnutls so I can't help here09:47
Romsteri dunno but i can test spins up docker.10:13
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jaegerI locked nettle and gnutls here at work yesterday, had too much to do to fuck with them12:57
jaegercups, gtk, gtk3, and gvfs were also broken for me13:11
jaegerand chrome, though that's a binary package13:11
rmullcups/gtk/gtk3 always fail due to footprint mismatch for me, but they build fine14:04
juermull: could you paste the cups mismatch somewhere, please?14:44
juehmm, probably the best to revert the gnutls/netthle update for now?14:45
jaegerIt didn't cause huge problems for me, just didn't want to mess with it on my work machine15:00
jaegerI can spend some time on it at home tomorrow to see if the effects are larger15:10
jaegerjue: did you see the pictures I linked in here recently? (unrelated to crux, WRX stuff)15:10
juesorry, no, seems that I've missed them15:19
jaeger <-- replaced my front grille15:20
jaegerNot super interesting, perhaps :)15:20
jaegerYou probably have the nicer grille, the USDM ones are different from every other market. Not as good-looking, in my opinion15:22
juenot really, it's almost the same, will prepare a picture for upload now ;)15:27
jaeger <-- this is the JDM version15:31
jaeger;d=1407908386 <-- here we go, found a comparison shot15:32
jaegerIt's a small difference but it makes me wonder why the USDM one is different15:33
jueyeah, now I see, the lower pic shows my grille ->
jaegeryeah, I like yours better. :)15:49
jaegerI could have bought the JDM version to replace my USDM one but it's about $50US more15:49
juehmm, wondering why they use different holes in the upper part of the grille, probably a technical reason?16:03
jaegerNone that I could find online but perhaps16:04
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rmulljue: cups footprint mismatch:
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