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Romsteryeah the new revdep is so much faster.09:59
Romstermakes you wanna use it more often doesn't it.10:00
Romsterbefore it was liek do i have too... ugh.10:00
Romstergoes to make coffee and comes back and still going.10:00
Romsternot anymore.10:00
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jueadded a entry for dash_as_sh to our TODO32, would be great if someone else could do some testing too12:25
juejust force-install the port and do your usual work, the only port that failed for me was ->
juebut I use only a small number of ports so there might be others that breaks building with dash12:30
Romsteri can test in docker.12:46
Romsterand i have a large number of ports so.12:46
Romsterbe a good test.12:46
Romsterdo  just change sh symlink to dash or ?12:47
Romsterdo i*12:47
juethe dash port installs the symlink, thus the force-install12:49
jaegerI'm thinking about recreating a network install method for 3.2, would be handy sometimes14:02
Romsteri was thinking of that myself...14:08
Romsteralso would love to see lvm, mdadm and cryptosetup on the iso too. and a way to make a initramfs with busybox.14:09
Romstereven if it's a net install extra packages to do this would still be ok.14:09
Romsternot being able to access an existing system with the crux iso is a pain.14:10
Romsterwith all the changes jaeger a updated iso rebuild would be nice14:12
Romsterxorg mesa dependencies may have changed slightly though.14:12
jaegersomething like dracut might be a good choice for initramfs usage14:13
jaegerbetter-initramfs looks nice but doesn't support module loading from what I read14:14
Romsteri really haven't dug enough into initramfs you'd be the most knowledgeable one there.14:15
Romsterprobably is a small percentage of users though.14:16
jaegerIt's not something I'd enable by default on a fresh install but the install media's initramfs would need some upgrades for lvm, mdadm, and cryptsetup14:18
Romsterwell most them have .static binaries now. it be jsut a matter of a /sbin/init shell script busybox and them few static binaries and kernel14:19
Romsterand pivot_root to the real root after it's done it's job.14:20
Romsteri even make a busybox.static in romter/busybox for anyone to use.14:20
jaegerI have a minimal mkinitramfs tool that I wrote that does basically that but it has no support for advanced things like lvm14:24
Romsterwouldn't be hard to extend it. make a wiki page let the user paste the code blocks in or maybe have a 10 20 30 file for lvm mdadm cryptosetup and they can order them as needed14:28
Romsteror something.14:28
Romsteri wouldn't go overboard just the basic tool and experienced user can extend it?14:28
Romsterand repackage it14:29
Romsteri wouldn't mind playing around with that mkinitramfs tool on one of my boxens here.14:30
jaegerIt might not be hard but it's also reinventing the wheel. Would probably be more sane to use something that's already well-developed like dracut14:30
jaegerwith that said, I'll upload it if you want to play with it14:31
Romsterhmm k14:31
Romsterwell i wouldn't mind learning from it at least.14:31
Romsteralways good to get insight how it's done. i got a pretty good idea but i never made the final step of doing one.14:32
Romsterhad that saved from someone. can't remember who14:33
Romstercool i'll look at that too.14:35
jaegerIt's pretty minimal but could be easily upgraded14:35
Romsteri like minimal, easy to learn.14:36
Romstersure having a autmated tool is cool but do you learn how something works from it?14:36
Romsterwe at crux tend to look at the gizzards of how things work :D14:37
Romsteror some of us do.14:38
jaegerEven the automated tools can usually be disassembled. :)14:40
Romsterthat is true14:42
Romsterg'night is about 1am now14:57
jaegerjue: sure, I'll test it as well18:10
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frinnst <- thoughts jue, jaeger? Looks like the curl certs are incomplete'ish22:03
jaegerI've run into one or two in the past that cert.pem is missing but I figured doing a more thorough collection of certs in a port wouldn't be popular22:04
jaegerIf it's causing people problems maybe it's worth revisiting22:05
frinnstnighty night22:06
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