IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-05-07

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Worksterromster/pkg-not would be helpful there to find files that are not in /var/lib/pkg/db01:50
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jaegerRomster: is gnutls-32 missing a required patch?15:21
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Romsterjaeger, no you haven't updated nettle-32 first22:53
jaegerOf course I did, heh22:55
jaegerThat does point me in the right direction, though, a problem with the 64-bit nettle22:55
jaegerI think I updated nettle-32 while the old nettle was still installed22:56
Romsterhmm maybe i did the testing in a clean environment in docker22:57
jaegerI'll report back after I update nettle22:57
Romsterwithout any previous installed packages except core22:57
jaegerit's probably fine22:57
Romsteri'll run more tests when i get a chnace i know compat-32 needs a bump here or there again22:58
jaegerlooks like it was on my end, rebuilding nettle fixed it. Sorry for the noise23:00
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