IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-05-11

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Romsterand a handful of my port sin contrib are 404 on source so i'll fix those up than to report them to myself.09:06
Romsterports in*09:06
frinnstI'll nuke those adobe fonts for now09:07
frinnstfucking github crap, cant stand it09:07
Romsterwell i can grab the source and host it on if you like09:08
frinnstThanks. I could host it myself though. Anyways.. i'll take care of it somehow :>09:08
Romsternot like fonts change all that much in versions.09:08
Romsterif you point me to the github pages i can grab them09:09
Romsterup to you just offering.09:09
Romsterand i'm not picking on anyone in particular on the bug reports.09:09
frinnstof course not - its an issue that needs to be fixed. I'm just lazy :>09:11
frinnstIm not convinced having a bunch of fonts in opt is the way to go. We have some basic fonts - perhaps 3rd party repos are better suited for fonts?09:12
Romstereh shove it in contrib?09:14
Romsteri've often wondered if fonts should be in xorg...09:14
Romsterbut that limits it to just those few that have access. or that xorg is only for freedesktop related09:15
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Romsterreally if you think not many will use it a personal repo is the way to go09:21
Romsterusers can always request it in opt or contrib09:21
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