IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-05-12

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frinnstGNU inetutils 1.9.3 released16:57
frinnst* whois16:57
frinnstImproved cooperation with servers like `', `',16:57
frinnstand `'.16:57
frinnstlovely, might be usable now then16:57
frinnstwtf, thats the version we already used?16:58
frinnstsorry, no we use 1.9.217:00
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juefrinnst: found a regression with 1.9.3, running 'ifconfig' without any options returns nothing, the old version shows all interfaces, same as called with the -a option17:28
juewill report that to upstream17:28
frinnsthm, works for me17:40
frinnsthm, nevermind. I actually had an old binary in /bin/17:55
frinnstyeah you are correct17:55
frinnstthe whois tool seems much improved17:56
juegreat, would be nice if we could use that instead of the separate whois port17:57
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frinnstRomster: yes i know about the deps on gtk3 - will look into it later on20:28
frinnstjue: it failed one lookup example i tried21:35
frinnstreturning the info for ripe is not very useful :)21:35
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