IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-05-15

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jaegerjue: moved my wheels to the new WRX, I dig it :)
crash_nice car :)20:16
jaegerthanks, I'm rather hapy with it :)20:16
jaegerhappy, too20:16
crash_hehe i can think so, seems to be a nice car and fun with a boxer motor too20:21
jaegerMy previous car was an '08 WRX, I love them now :)20:23
frinnstlooks fun20:27
frinnsthow many bhp?20:27
jaeger268, not bad for a 2.0 liter 4-banger20:28
jaegerthe previous generation was 265, 2.5 liter20:28
frinnstindeed, rally regulations ftw :-)20:28
jaegerjue has the nicer one, the STi :)20:29
jaegerthe STi is 2.5 liter, 305 hp if I recall correctly20:30
frinnstanyways, more fun that my 1.6L golf mk620:31
crash_and better then my saab 9-3 150hk LTT20:31
jaegerI used to have a 1.8L jetta/bora :) MK420:32
jaegerwas a fun car20:32
frinnstA guy in our office complex drives his 430 spyder when the weather is nice20:32
frinnstand another guy in the same complex drives a gallardo spyder20:32
crash_they are high up in the chain?20:33
jaegerthe latter starts around $180k us, not sure on the ferrari20:33
frinnstthe gallardo guy sold his business a year or so ago but still runs it. guess thats when he bought it20:33
crash_ok :)20:34
crash_i like the old sti wrx cars that were in the rally20:44
frinnstblue with gold wheels20:46
crash_yeah :)20:46
jaegerI never liked the gold wheels, myself, but they're iconic20:47
crash_the blue color is good, but i agree on the rims20:47
jaeger <-- there's a 2015 version, too20:47
jaeger"launch edition"20:47
frinnstno what you really want is a lancia delta with martini racing livery20:47
crash_jaeger: that doesnt look so bad actually20:47
jaegerIt's not my style :)20:48
jaegeryeah, those are awesome little cars :)20:48
frinnstwilliams f1 runs martini livery these days <320:48
crash_or a audi quattro?
frinnstgroup b rally cars were awesome20:49
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