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juejaeger: looks very good, nice rims :)12:47
jueand good to hear that mostly everything works with dash so far12:54
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Romsternice car jaeger15:33
Romsterbe cheap to run if you don't hammer it15:33
Romsteris it supercharged 4 cylinder?15:34
Romsteror turbo or both15:34
jaegerturbo 4 cyl16:21
jaegershould we start planning for crux 3.2 soon?16:48
jaegeraside from the TODO page, I mean16:51
Romsteri haven't given it much thought yet16:52
juejaeger: indeed, we should, 3.1 is nearly a year old already16:53
Romsterenough changes have happened since 3.116:54
Romsteri haven't' looked into lvm as of yet.16:54
Romstermoving it out of init and into it's own service file?16:54
jueguess no, IIRC the idea was to use udev rules instead of the direct calls of vgsan/vgchange in /etc/rc16:58
juethough, I've no idea if that can work16:58
Romsteri think lvm can use udev directly16:59
Romsteri'll see what can be done16:59
juejaeger: any ideas?17:00
jaegerregarding lvm?17:10
jaegerI haven't used it much recently but I can do some testing if it would help17:12
jaegerIt seems reasonable/preferred to me to do lvm calls in udev rules because that means when block device changes or device-mapper events happen, lvm changes should as well17:13
Romsterlvm has two modes and one is to talk to udev directly17:21
Romsterobtain_device_list_from_udev = 1, udev_sync = 1, udev_rules = 117:24
Romsterif you want jaeger go for it17:24
jaegerI'm no expert when it comes to lvm or udev but I'll give it a look17:25
Romsteri'm more experienced with the metadata side of lvm and thin provisioning17:25
Romsterall it needs is pvscan and vgscan to make nodes put in a udev rule afaik17:25
Romsterto trigger when a lvm device-maper device is found?17:26
Romsterso if lvm is in mdadm or cryptosetup it'll get scanned and activated after.17:27
Romsteror if it's on the disk raw or in a partition it'll still get activated.17:27
Romsterit only works now for my setup because the kernel activates mdadm then the rc file does the lvm stuff after.17:28
Romsterbut if you throw in Luks17:28
Romsterand want a PV inside a Liks container.17:28
Romsteryou'll come unstuck if it's not opened first.17:29
Romsterby having it in a udev rule it'll scan it after luksOpen17:29
Romsterall there is to it really.17:29
Romsterputting lvm into mdadm is now redundant so i've started to migrate to using raid in my logical volumes instead.17:30
Romsterbut still holes true for Luks or multipath or any other type of container or network mount.17:31
jaeger <-- think I've gotten the Makefile changes for dash as /bin/sh finished17:43
jaegeraway for a bit, need to do some work on my VM server17:45
juejaeger: looks good, didn't know that the {xx,yy,zz} construct is a bash extension ... ;)17:52
frinnstmy toolchain works great18:20
frinnstnot many issues with the ports i have installed18:20
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jaegerjue: seems to be, yeah19:22
jaegerat least it doesn't work in dash. :)19:22
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juefrinnst: good to hear20:18
juefrinnst: are there any real issues or are we ready to do a 3.2 branch?20:20
jueand, of course, is there anything important we should add to TODO32 for discussion?20:21
juejaeger: I've added HDT sometimes ago, but I mean to remember that you've something else?20:24
jaegerWell, there's been the talk of cryptsetup and lvm in udev but as for me, just ISO changes. Now that syslinux can actually do EFI booting I'll probably strip the grub2 stuff from the ISO20:28
jaegerdash changes are ready, I think, just not pushed yet20:28
frinnstwith the toolchain? no, just some manual patching needed21:52
frinnstor probably not, affected ports will be updated before 3.2 will be released21:52
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