IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-05-20

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frinnstseems i have trouble building sqlite3-3211:01
frinnstgcc: error: sqlite3.o: No such file or directory11:01
frinnstMakefile:404: recipe for target 'sqlite3' failed11:01
frinnstanyone else?11:02
juefrinnst: add -j1, I've to add that to the default port11:08
jueupstream is aware of that issue11:08
frinnstah, you changed that with the latest relese?11:10
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juefrinnst: yeah11:18
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jaegeryeah, I ran into that last night as well12:38
jaegerok, added that12:46
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frinnstUploaded: 25206.9 MB19:46
frinnststill seeding crux 3.1 :)19:46
jaegerme too! Uploaded: 27597.5 MB                 [TI R: 82.85]19:47
rmulldecent ratio :P19:48
rmullWhat does the TI mean?19:48
jaegerT means the torrent is tied to a file and I means it ignores commands19:49
jaegerrtorrent has a lot of neat features and flexibility (that I'm not using for crux torrents :))19:50
rmullI've used rtorrent forever but never for anything fancy19:50
rmullI think mine has a bug right now with unicode in filenames or something19:51
jaegerThe most complicated bit of my config just makes it watch a directory; if I dump a .torrent file in that dir it automatically picks it up and starts it19:51
frinnstsame here, and it places the completed torrent in dir X if i saved it in dir XX20:19
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rmullI wish there was a way to modify the files and continue seeding them21:31
rmullBy recording the diff21:31
jaegerIf there were an easy way to do that I'd torrent the updated ISOs21:32
rmullHack rtorrent to hot-patch the file's data before checksumming/seeding it?21:35
jaegergod damn, I hate the new search box in firefox21:42
jaegermost of the time it seems I can type a search query and hit enter before it selects a search engine. so the search fails21:42
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