IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-05-21

Worksteri never noticed that issue with sqlite-32 probably because of ccache.01:33
Worksterwas going ot fix it this morning but jaeger beat me to it01:33
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frinnstjaeger: you can disable it06:45
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Worksteri really need to turn off that search on address bar... i'd prefer to auto complete form my bookmarks every time06:59
frinnstobviously you make the changes in the about:config url07:04
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Romsterof course, just been too lazy to change i08:34
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jaegerfrinnst: yeah, I did turn it off after bitching about it :) It finally annoyed me too much13:06
jaegersqlite3 seems to fix the parallel jobs problem13:15
jaegerI've built it 5 times now with -j813:17
jaegerer, sqlite3-32 I mean. haven't tested it on the 64-bit port yet13:17
jaegerok, tested with opt/sqlite3 as well, no problems in 5 builds13:25
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juejaeger: oc, I've tried to build sqlite without -j1, didn't work for me14:25
jaegerdoh :(14:26
jaegerPerhaps it was coincidence, then14:26
jaegerfrinnst: does sqlite3-32 build ok for you?14:26
juejaeger: just tried again, same breakage14:29
jueanyway, parallel build isn't important cause most time is sent by compiling the single-source (amalgamation) sqlite3.c14:36
jaegerfair enough, I just find it odd that it's so inconsistent. :(14:40
jaegershould I add -j1 to sqlite3-32 again?14:40
jueindeed, it's very odd14:46
jueI've no idea why it works for you but not for me :(14:46
jaegerI hate problems like that, pain in the ass to troubleshoot14:51
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