IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-05-22

Workstersqlite3 doesn't really benefit from parallel make jobs00:43
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frinnsthm, just untarred firefox and ran configure --help for the first time in about 5-10 releases11:11
frinnstlots of new good stuff. playtime this weekend i think11:12
frinnst --enable-default-toolkit=cairo-qt11:20
frinnstyour arm devices will melt!12:18
pitillothey wont... but I'm on the way12:23
frinnsthehe yeah i read that spain was kinda hot at the moment12:37
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frinnstbut you guys have ACs as standard in most/all buildings?14:21
frinnstromster would you mind patching ntfs-3g?19:50
frinnstcd /usr/ports/opt/fuse/19:50
frinnstoops, wrong window :p19:50
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