IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-05-30

jaegerfrinnst: any thoughts on removing the dev stuff in thunderbird?00:02
jaegerI've been running it like that for a couple versions now, no issues00:03
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frinnstYeah im holding off any changes until they finally release 39 or whatever it will be called01:33
jaegerany thoughts from everyone about kori's git driver or portdb git support?01:55
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teK_opt/git]% git show bd86ca08:11
teK_bd86ca2544f8de84b455ad0e7e9b801abc51dc05 git: include new git ports driver08:11
teK_i.e. it already is included :)08:12
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jaegerah, I missed that, sorry13:29
jaegerguess we should add support for it to the portdb13:30
frinnstAnd to the wiki / docs16:09
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