IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-06-06

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frinnstjue, jaeger: Thoughts?12:28
frinnstoh, jue is offline12:28
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frinnst14:28 <@frinnst> jue, jaeger: Thoughts?13:14
frinnstyou had a fix ready?13:14
juewell, I wouldn't call it a fix, the pem includes more than the default SERVER_AUTH:TRUSTED_DELEGATOR certs13:32
jueIMO it's not ok that amazonaws is using EMAIL_PROTECTION:TRUSTED_DELEGATOR certs for general servers usage13:34
juebut I think it's useless to try to complain about that13:35
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jueeven though I'm not a security expert I think that it's save to create the pem with ALL:TRUSTED_DELEGATOR13:41
juebtw, I'm using eudev 3.1.1 right now, works fine for me but would be nice if someone else can give it a try13:44
frinnstwith or without gperf?13:54
frinnstbuilt it with gperf, rebooting now'ish13:57
juewithout, changing version to 3.1.1 should be enough13:58
frinnstit booted! :D13:58
frinnstsee ya13:59
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