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jueteK_: tig 2.1.1 and remind 03.01.14 are latest and both are working fine for me15:02
teK_great will upgrade tonight15:15
teK_right after this gem:15:15
teK_15:46 < teK> shutdown /r15:15
teK_15:46 < teK> -> INACCESIBLE_BOOTDEVICE15:15
teK_15:47 < teK> dieses komische bootrec.exe /ScanOs findet 0 Installationen, obwohl die Pfade usw alles noch da sind15:15
teK_16:58 < teK> jetzt haben die eine neue VM installiert, damit sie dort recovery machen koennen weil BE das anscheinend nicht aus dem nichts kann (eine vmdk zu erstellen)15:15
frinnstheh, windows goodness15:29
teK_we ran that ERP system on Solaris and Linux from 1998 (RM300 before that) till May '1516:17
teK_never. I repeat never did the OS or the backup mechansims (i.e. godlike tar and mt) fail us16:17
teK_they came for free. Now we have backup exec16:17
teK_funny, how support still tries to recover things with bcdedit while BE is working16:18
jaegernever used BE myself but I've heard plenty of horror stories about it16:20
teK_its been the default for windows for this company for many years16:21
teK_decades even16:21
teK_there's a backup DC (! :D) with NT server and BE16:21
jaegerI'm having "fun" with backup systems, too16:22
jaegerour spectralogic t950 library's drives are disappearing and reappearing repeatedly16:22
jaeger(I'm guessing a power delivery problem but we'll see what support says)16:22
teK_how about asking an electrician? :p16:23
jaegerI will, if it turns out to be a power problem16:24
jaegerFigured since we have support on the library I'd start there16:24
teK_sure :)16:24
teK_restore finished just now16:24
jaegerFor reference, nothing in the datacenter is off or poewred down16:24
teK_I figured ;)16:24
jaegerI meant that I think the library is delivering power to the drives badly16:24
teK_yeah maybe the problem is known16:24
jaegermark it bootable in fdisk :D16:24
teK_the EFI partition _disappeared_16:25
teK_it says C:\ SYSTEM: offset 1024KB16:25
teK_in the part thingy util of windows16:25
jaegerdid someone reinstall windows in bios mode while you weren't watching?16:25
teK_luckily this is an application only server so we can try an older backup..16:25
teK_I dont hope so16:26
teK_there were reports that an update from '14 causes this specific BSOD16:26
teK_afaics autoupdates are disabled16:26
teK_and the installation is from late '14 so ..16:26
jaegerah, sounds promising16:26
teK_well.. why did it stop working magically in June 201516:27
teK_also: what did I do to diserve this (=windows)?16:27
teK_I was mean to frinnst, yes. But he asked for it :>16:27
teK_the BSOD was for the original VM, restore is taking ages on the finish line16:30
frinnstwhy the fuuuuck do you use backup exec?16:33
teK_instead of veeam_16:33
teK_?: :)16:33
frinnstinstead of anything else16:33
teK_it was recommended by our supporting HW dealer :)16:33
frinnstif its a vm, yes. Why the fuck not veeam? :D16:33
frinnstget a new hw dealer!16:34
teK_because of $$$?16:34
teK_they have been supporting this company for the last twentyfive years16:34
frinnstbackup exec must be the most hated product on the market. and for good reason16:34
teK_I raise by Exchange and want to see your hand16:35
jueteK_: sorry, I'm not sure, but it looks like we are missing the CVE-2015-3456 patch for qemu?16:38
juefrinnst: any problems with new eudev?16:39
teK_hehe frinnst17:04
teK_jue: will check that too17:04
teK_I suspect the support clerk has been missing one step in the recovery proc. and this cost us the downtime of >6 hours17:05
teK_driving home naoh.17:05
frinnstjue, nope17:09
frinnstgranted I havent really done that much with this box since I installed it17:09
jueteK_: thanks, guess that's the right patch ->;a=commitdiff;h=e907746266721f305d67bc0718795fedee2e824c17:14
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teK_I think I wanted to wait for a release to fix this18:10
teK_yeah that was the CVE18:11
teK_they did not release an update?18:11
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jaegerseems like our tape drive issue is a known bug and upgrading the tape library software will fix it. so yay for that21:03
teK_hey all core devs:
teK_mark June 11th ;-)21:19
jaegerthursday :)21:23
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