IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-06-11

jaegerfrinnst: thanks for the fix01:32
jaegerAnyone running into this issue with lvm2?
jaegerrelated to eudev update, perhaps?01:54
jaegeror util-linux01:56
jaegerdisabling static linking allows it to build but of course no static bin then01:58
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Workster(.text+0xf0): multiple definition of `mkdir_p'04:50
Worksteryeah i get it too jaeger04:50
Worksterjaeger, downgrading eudev to 3.0 does not fix lvm205:12
Worksterjaeger, downgrade eudev to 2.1.1 and lvm2 builds05:24
Worksterso something from eudev 2.1.1 to 3.0 broke it05:24
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jueWorkster: eudev 3.0 works for me08:32
juewill look into the issue08:34
jue.oO looks more complicated than I though09:40
juethe error is definitely related to eudev, but I have not the time right now to debug that further09:42
juethink it's best to revert to 3.0 for the moment09:43
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Romster3.0 didn't work for me hmm12:20
jueRomster: we have eudev 3.0 since 2015-04-04 and latest lvm2 since 2015-05-1612:38
jueand nobody complains about build problems12:38
jueso I guess your problem is something different/special12:38
jaegerccache/distcc issue again, maybe?12:39
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Romsterwell i just chagned the verison for version 3.11 to 3.0 i didn't touch patches or anything in the docker container i did from work12:42
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Romsteri'll do a sysup after ports -u12:43
jaegerI'm running another iso bootstrap, too12:45
Romsterbeats me as lvm2 now compiles. could ccache still spit out bad info even though file hashes wont match between versions.12:46
Romsteri haven't got distcc in docker just ccache.12:46
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jaegerNo idea there but ccache and distcc are not trustworthy enough to use full-time in my opinion12:48
jaegermaybe for a personal workstation but not for a package building or testing machine12:48
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Romsterhmm that's gonna really cut back my speeds...12:48
Romsteri seriously jsut need to get a high end workstation12:49
Romsteran i7 wont really cut it12:49
Romsteri think distcc be more reliable than a ccache12:50
Romsterif compiling fails on a node it gets restarted on the host.12:51
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juefound this ->
jueparticularly comments 3 and 413:33
jaegerhrmm, yeah13:36
juebut still no idea why it works with 3.0 but not with 3.1.1 for us13:45
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