IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-06-17

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frinnstwow, thats creepy17:56
frinnstthat "ok google" crap is more or less impossible to remove from android 5 btw17:57
jaegerunrelated to "ok google" I downgraded my nexus 7 to 4.4 because it was so damned slow on 5.x17:58
jaegermuch better now17:58
frinnstit runs ok on my nexus417:59
frinnstspeed wise atleast, it does lock up monthly. requires you to press the power button for about 10 seconds17:59
frinnstno clue what to get next. android is more or less out of the question these days18:01
jaegeron the first gen nexus 7 it slows down enough that sometimes 10-12 seconds pass after tapping an icon or the home button18:01
jaegermaybe windows phone :D18:01
frinnstheh i think i'd rather get a windows phone over an iphone at least :)18:02
frinnstjolla is not an option either since they wont release any sources18:02
jaegerwell, the windows phone isn't likely to fit that bill, either18:02
frinnstno but at least there isnt any expectation of getting any source code18:03
frinnstjolla *should* be open, but isnt18:03
frinnstIt's unlike what you're used to. But once you get the hang of the gesture based Sailfish OS, you'll never want to go back. Totally independent and highly adaptive, Sailfish OS is an open platform, so if you know how, you can change whatever you want, whenever you want.18:05
frinnstlies lies lies :(18:05
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jaegerI'm going to be out of town from tomorrow through monday, going to try to get some more ISO work done when I get back. I already pushed dash changes to the Makefile and made configs for kernel 4.0.5 but still need to work on the boot loader setup18:48
frinnsthave fun21:17
teK___I added FS#1199 wrt hotwording in chromium21:22
teK___it's a compile time choice to disable this21:24
teK___btw, greetings from germany:  ;)21:29
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Worksterjustget an android phone and put a custom rom on it23:24

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