IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-06-18

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frinnstromster: yeah replicant would be an alternative. but they dont support much hardware08:18
juefrinnst: thanks, updated now10:12
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teK___quick question:18:22
teK___dmesg says:18:22
teK___[45486.265902] zsh (10389): drop_caches: 218:22
teK___after I ran:18:22
teK___sudo su -c 'echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches'18:22
teK___this seems to be new18:22
teK___They do not mean that anything is wrong18:24
teK___with your system.  To disable them, echo 4 (bit 3) into drop_caches.18:24
teK___okay :-)18:24
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