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Romsterfrinnst, can you upload the ports somewhere Pkgfile pathes maybe also the built packages so ic an start off if upgrading from 3.1 is a pain. so i can do builds in docker03:10
Romsteror maybe i can pull it off the 3.2 core branch.03:11
Romsterholly shit glibc and it's many patches03:18
Romsterah they were removed not added.03:19
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frinnstyou can use the git driver now! :)10:02
teK___btw.. the driver does a full git clone10:13
teK___i.e. it maintains history, I am not quite sure of something like git clone --depth=1 would be better10:13
juea clear +1 from me10:16
frinnstyeah indeed10:17
teK___that's for the initial checkout.. the updating part does git fetch etc., I'd have to figure out, how to clean the history  OR  redo a git fetch, losing the Editing/Deleting portion during updates10:18
teK___err redo a git clone10:19
juefrinnst: btw, thanks for the 3.2 branch/commits will start working with the new tool-chain tomorrow10:19
juebut have to run now, bbl10:19
teK___take care10:19
frinnstjue: also added gperf to core10:20
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frinnsthm, shouldnt this work: ?16:29
teK___works for me16:35
frinnstand do you really get the 3.2 branch?16:35
teK___(besides the notorious umask issues, many of our tools are having :))16:35
teK___no :m16:35
frinnstyeah, seems a bit broken16:36
teK___+ git clone -q git:// /usr/ports/core-3.216:36
teK___bummer :)16:36
teK___let me see, if I can fix that in a second16:36
teK___-b seems to be the thing it's missing16:36
teK___besides the escaping mistakes..16:37
teK___may branches contain spaces?16:37
frinnstnot sure16:38
teK___if so, this  will break things awfully :)16:38
teK___+ git clone -q -b 3.2 git:// /usr/ports/core-3.216:38
frinnstand yeah.. --depth=1 might be useful :-)16:38
teK___the clone line needs to say:16:39
teK___git clone -q -b "$BRANCH" "$URL" "$PORTS_DIR/$NAME"16:39
teK___I didnt know that this would work, btw..16:40
teK___  echo "URL not set in '$1'" >&216:40
frinnstfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly16:40
frinnstfatal: early EOF16:40
frinnstwith --depth=116:40
teK___try --depth 116:40
teK___I noticed, that the manual says without =, but not sure  if git is picky16:40
frinnstsame error16:41
teK___yeah I gave it a shot16:41
teK___Seems like a bug on the server side. We assume any server that supports the plain git protocol (git://) also supports --depth. This feature has existed since git 1.5.0 (February 2007).16:44
teK___I am quite sure I updated git while I was on an update spree some time ago16:44
teK___I joined CRUX in 2008. :D16:44
teK___What I faced the situation like I tried to clone the repo when internet connection was too slow. Then I got this error.16:45
teK___well.. we had issues before ;>16:46
frinnstyeah no worries16:49
teK___we even have free RAM, if I include our buffered cache thingies16:49
frinnstits not like it should be used on anyways16:51
frinnstthe git-driver i mean16:51
teK___except for you use case..16:52
teK___so I disagree16:52
frinnstwell yeah :-)16:52
teK___and --depth 1 is great fro quick tests, so we are supposed to support that, too16:52
teK___it's ironic that this does not work, but full clones do16:52
teK___sudo echo "dns-nameservers" >> /etc/network/interfaces && sudo ifdown venet0:0 && sudo ifup venet0:016:54
teK___suggested fix16:54
teK___gotta love those ubuntu users :>16:54
teK___btw, my favourite machine crashed again again (yes 2x)16:55
teK___i.e. a third time16:55
frinnstthe windows server?16:55
teK___reverted to a snapshot, we made on friday16:55
teK___-> works again16:55
teK___HW-support suggested: a) AV installation16:55
teK___b) setting up a vCenter install with mirror server16:55
frinnstthe fact that *ANY* enterprise applications are run on windows is scary16:56
frinnstfine, ok for desktop usage but fuuuuuuuuuuck its hard to debug anything16:56
teK___I had a tweet some time ago16:56
teK___that sums it up pretty well, IMHO16:56
teK___Windows cmdline of the day: sc sdset SCMANAGER D:(A;;CCLCRPRC;;;AU)(A;;CCLCRPWPRC;;;SY)(A;;KA;;;BA)S:(AU;FA;KA;;;WD)(AU;OIIOFA;GA;;;WD)16:56
teK___I am not kidding.16:57
teK___due to it's mneonic nature, I *exactly* remember what this does16:58
teK___(guess what I can't even tell which part of the OS this configures)16:58
teK___sc.. I think it's driver related16:58
teK___hahah yeah :D16:58
teK___saw that, too16:58
teK___% ps aux | grep -c git17:01
teK___looking into that later.17:01
frinnstprobably spawned by all my tests17:02
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