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Romsterfrinnst> you can use the git driver now! :) <- i did think of that too.03:07
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frinnstjust notice the driver is somewhat broken and wont checkout the correct branch unless you do what the backlog says06:21
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teK___I will see to fix this tonight08:28
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frinnstoops, httpup is a 40409:11
frinnstmaybe we should move it to crux.nu09:11
teK___I fixed the --depth issue09:12
teK___with a huge drawback..09:12
teK___the user git has to be able to write to our {core,..}.git directories09:13
teK___i.e. for now I did usermod -G ... git09:13
teK___I did not find a way to configure or --switch the temporary directory that is used during git pack09:13
frinnstoh, it needs to write it to disk09:13
teK___maybe later09:13
teK___it needs to write it to $REPO_DIR09:13
teK___which is braindead :\09:13
teK___$TMP would be great09:14
teK___but unlikely as the file is called shallow_XXXXXX09:14
teK___but I may be wronge there09:14
teK___it's stupid to have the git driver in the git port while it is not fully ready fore prime time09:28
teK___feel free to copy it manually after my commit.09:28
Romsternot sure i like it bundled with git itself09:31
Romsteri am surprised it even got put there to be honest09:31
Romsterwouldn 't a opt/gitup port be more like it. to follow the core/httpup09:32
Romstername convention?09:32
Romsterthen again we just use rsync with ports with nothing up too. so git makes sense then.09:33
Romsternothing up/nothing else requed other than rsync ahd ports for .rsync to work.09:34
jueRomster: it's exactly the same with the httpup and rsync drivers, they are bundled with httpup resp. rsync10:19
Romsterah right... it's like that.10:23
Romsterthis whole depth thing in git though needs fixing. and i know tek is onto it10:24
frinnstyeah he just said he fixed it :)10:38
Romsterby making something writable on the server.10:43
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juefrinnst: I'll merge core 3.1 into 3.2, objections?10:48
Romsteri don't see any despite me not being in core10:54
teK___frinnst: it is surprisingly hard to do the following in git: remove every commit but HEAD, do a git fetch (show the diff < that's why we're ought to do the whole mumbo jumbo) and throw away everything but HEAD again11:09
teK___we could cheat and throw out the {Edit,Delete,Checkout} messages for the git driver and always to a git clone --depth 1. Objections?11:10
teK___at least this is what I found out after doing quick (re)search -^11:11
frinnstjue ofcourse not :)11:12
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teK___maybe it's possible to safe the current HEAD's commit id, run the already present git diff .. pretty stuff and still print a diff.11:13
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frinnstteK___: seems you forgot to update the md5sum on the git driver12:38
frinnstMISSING   3a41bf84bbc6d20bc537d99b972b815f  git12:38
frinnstNEW       7ca9909a1a8206510c0f4b4946b7d4d9  git12:38
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teK___oh boy13:17
frinnstprt-get also seems inacessible. Anybody able to move it to and update the Pkgfile?13:26
Romsterlast i looked the site is up for prt-get13:28
Romsterand it's on github too
frinnstoh he looks shifty there!13:32
Romsterok maybe now it's not there... he does have a new site
juefrinnst: got a footprint error for gcc ->
frinnstoh cool15:58
frinnstyeah i've not built it in a clean chroot or anything15:58
frinnstlimits.h  linux/  net-snmp/  nss/  ntfs-3g/  openssl/  README  syslimits.h  X11/  xorg/15:59
frinnstmaybe we should drop that dir completely16:00
jueyou mean include-fixed?16:41
juewe do this with 4.8, but the corresponding lines are commented in your 5.1 Pkgfile?16:45
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frinnstnot sure why :)17:08
frinnstfeel free to revert17:08
frinnstdone. i remember why i changed it20:25
frinnstiirc those commands failed with a beta version, so I just commented them out to allow the package to get built :)20:26
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