IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-06-23

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frinnstRomster: fltk needs an update13:15
jaegerprologic: was out of town, what's the deal with your ISO update request?14:02
jaegerfrinnst: I have one of those sonnet mac pro racks here at work, the one that feigr linked in #crux, if he has questions about it14:25
frinnstHe's on vacation so doubt it :)14:51
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teK___prologic: would you mind checking the md5sum of docker/ I get a mismatch even on re-downloading it from
prologicyeah nps21:09
prologicjaeger, need one :) some CVE21:10
prologicand wb :)21:10
teK___and.. :)21:19
teK___    chown 640 $LOGFILE21:19
teK___in rc.d/docker21:19
teK___chmod? :)21:19
teK___also, I think it's messy if it's really required to update perms every time21:22
jaegerprologic: why the ISO?22:07
prologicthat's what I build the docker images from :)23:02
jaegerand you don't update ca-certificates or openssl or whatever?23:17
jaegerI'm currently testing an updated ISO with kernel 4.0.5, will let you know when it's ready23:17
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