IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-06-24

prologicjaeger: no; I never update the image via prt-get or anything00:35
prologicbecause it adds another layer onto the base image00:35
prologicI use the ISO as the source of truth00:35
prologicif that makes sense00:35
prologicthe base image is basically a tarball rootfs00:35
prologicsort of like a fresh clean install of CRUX really00:36
prologicjust core packages obviously00:36
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frinnsttesting gcc 4.8.5 on my 3.1 machines08:03
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juefrinnst: do you remember why you removed --enable-static-nss from glibc?12:32
juethis breaks our pkgutils or more exact pkginfo --footprint12:35
jueanother question:12:50
juewas the rm of the nscd.conf stuff intentionally?12:50
jueok, I've added --enable-static-nss and pkginfo works again12:53
juebut I had to add --disable-werror to glibc because without that build breaks at nss with a unesed-variable warning12:54
juefrinnst: ncurses failed to build, do you have a patch?13:52
frinnstno, never bothered since it still ran to be honest14:12
juegreat, thanks to our friends from LFS :)14:14
frinnstyeah they sure are a good resource to have handy :-)14:14
jaegerprologic: uploaded a new iso to the usual location. It's not heavily tested but does boot properly14:26
jaegerthough I should probably just bootstrap a new one, that one doesn't have the latest packages14:27
prologickk thanks jaeger I'll test it out14:34
jaegerI built it to test the updated kernel and dash changes, will bootstrap new packages today14:35
prologicokay I'm going to bed anyway14:38
prologicso I'll test the 2nd upate tomorrow evening14:38
prologicthanks again14:38
jueso, I think our new toolchain is mostly in place ;)16:57
juestill open is which kernel headers we will use?16:59
juefrinnst: you said that 4.1 will be a new stable release, right?16:59
jaegerI'd prefer to use a longterm release over stable for glibc's headers17:17
jaegerit probably doesn't matter much for most use, though17:18
juejaeger: sorry, I meant the same s/stable/longterm/17:56
frinnstjue yes, its a long term thingy according to linus 4.1 announcement18:04
frinnstjue: now i remember why I removed nscd.conf - I use a separate port with a rc script for nscd so I removed it to make my life easier18:09
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