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Worksteri wouldn't want the minimum kernel version in glibc to be 4.103:44
Workster1) i fear there might be some bug in 4.1 and 2) not everyone is on 4.x series of kernel yet.03:45
Worksteri'm still on 3.18.x myself.03:45
jaegerminimum for running isn't necessarily the same as headers, too03:58
jaegerminimum might be best left at 3.14.0, 3.12.0, or even 3.10.004:04
jaegernot sure04:04
Worksteri'd be happy with 3.18 but that might be too new. so kernel headers can be newer than minimum running?04:13
Worksterdoesn't that have a risk of some functions being missing and/or changed?04:14
jaegerpossibly, I haven't researched it04:14
Worksteri never fully understood the kernel headers on glibc to talk to the structs in the kernels?04:14
jaegerfor most users using 4.0.x is probably fine, or even 4.1.x04:15
jaegerfor some, though, older kernels are required. for me it's zfs and vmware tools that require older versions04:15
Worksterthat recent ext4/raid corruption bug scared me a little even though it got fixed already.04:15
Worksteri just decided to hold off longer04:16
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jueFYI, just updated 3.2 glibc to use 4.1 kernel headers11:30
juejaeger: --enable-kernel is 3.12, but I've no problem to set it to 3.10 if you prefer that11:33
juefrinnst: got build errors with reiserfsprogs and xorg-sessreg, have you built them successfully?11:55
frinnstI dont think i have any of those installed at home11:57
frinnstbtw, reiserfs.. isnt it about time we get rid of that?11:57
frinnstguess some people still might use it11:57
jaegerjue: 3.12 is fine for me, even 3.14 would be ok12:39
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mechaniputerSince I'm not getting any responses elsewhere, does anyone in this channel know the answers to the licensing questions that I sent to the list? I'd like to know if my project can work so I can either give up or start working. :)13:10
frinnstI read the message but havent had time to answer13:11
frinnstjue might be better at answering this but afik core/opt/xorg are gplv2 or later, contrib and everything else is what the author decides13:12
frinnstbut since its not declared anywhere one might say nobody has the right to distribute it at all13:12
mechaniputer^ That's what I was afraid of.13:12
frinnstor someone might say its not copyrightable at all13:12
jaegerTo be honest I don't know how the licensing is supposed to work. It's come up in the past but I'm no expert13:13
frinnstbecause it's obvious13:13
frinnstto be honest, nobody has cared since we are such a small project13:13
mechaniputerI know that if we want it to count as GPL2 then we need to include a copy of it in the repository with the ports so that it is distributed with them. Many prefer to put a notice in each file also, but that's not strictly necessary.13:14
frinnstpersonally I consider my ports public domain13:14
mechaniputerThen there's the issue of the patches, archives, etc.13:14
jueit's in our handbook ->
jaegerah, nice13:15
mechaniputerfrinnst, Nothing is public domain unless you state that it is in a way that is associated with the files.13:15
frinnstindeed, thats why I said "consider" :)13:15
mechaniputerYeah, I see that the software is under many licenses, but it looks like the Pkgfiles, archives and patched in the official repos are under no license.13:16
frinnstits like with github. 90% is not licensed at all (i pulled that number out of my ass btw)13:16
frinnst2.3.2. Build Scripts13:16
frinnstAll package build scripts in CRUX (in package categories core, opt, xorg, and compat-32) are Copyright � 2000-2014 by Per Lid�n and the CRUX development team, and licensed through the GNU General Public License.13:16
mechaniputerWhere does it say that?13:17
jaeger08:14 < jue> it's in our handbook ->
mechaniputerOh, now I see it. I didn't read far enough.13:17
frinnstmaybe we should ask the fsf whats really up and what we are required to do13:19
frinnst(is a notice in the handbook enough, etc)13:19
mechaniputerYeah, I'm pretty sure all you need to do at this point is place a copy of the GPL2 in the root dir of each core repo.13:19
mechaniputerWait, 3. GPL3.13:19
mechaniputerIt would be very helpful to me, and is probably a smart move anyway.13:20
mechaniputerIf one of you wanted to ask the FSF what needs to be done, the address is licensing@fsf.org13:24
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mechaniputerHere's how FreeBSD does it:
mechaniputerThis may be interesting and informative to watch as it plays out:
mechaniputerI just filed that bug report with Parabola since the Arch PKGBUILDS are in a similar state and parabola is fully libre, but uses many of those PKGBUILDS.16:16
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