IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-06-27

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frinnstjue did nfs-utils build for you without tcp_wrappers? removed checking for libwrap... configure: error: *** libwrap missing14:54
frinnstremoved --with-tcp-wrappers from configure but still get the above error14:55
juefrinnst: sorry, not tried yet14:56
frinnstlooks like that is the default option, you need to pass --without-tcp-wrappers14:58
jueyeah, that works15:04
frinnstdo you have any other ssd scripts brewing? Otherwise i'll start working on some of the remaining15:05
frinnstprobably not many remaining, but still :-)15:05
frinnstshould we keep $OPTS in rc-scripts that run without options? I think i'd like to keep it for consinstency and easy modification/adaptation15:09
jueyeah, please do15:13
jueand keeping $OPTS is fine for me15:13
jueguess it's time to create a 3.2 branch for opt?15:27
juedone ;)15:37
juefrinnst: I took the liberty to commit some footprint fixes for perl 5.2215:53
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