IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2015-06-28

frinnstjust did a rebuild of all installed packages. list of failures:
frinnstI suspect only qt4 might need some investigation. other errors are probably just footprint related00:48
frinnstnet-snmp builds with libwrap enabled, linux-firmware fails to remove some docs and bails out00:49
frinnsthm nope, no build error with qt, just footprint01:07
frinnstdunno why though:
frinnsttoo late to investigate. sleepytime!01:07
frinnstbtw im just spamming all this to remind myself what I did tomorrow :-)01:07
frinnstor might be because I dont have gst-plugins-base-compat installed01:08
frinnstfuck it, zzz!01:08
teK___gn8 ;)01:19
teK___sweet tight, little prince01:19
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jaegerjue: I think your i3 port needs cmake listed as a dep02:31
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juejaeger: right, thanks, added cmake and updated libev while I was there07:40
Romstershould we make a copy of this?08:57
Romsterand update the handbook?08:57
Romsteror contact Johannes Winkelmann at his new address08:57
jueRomster: do you see a email address there?09:21
jueI'm not connected to any of these so called 'social media', thus not able to contact him09:24
Romsteri didn't spot on on the new site no.10:58
Romsterone on*10:58
Romsteri can pass a message on i got some of them social media accounts. though i rarely use them.10:58
Romsterwhat would you like me to say?10:59
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frinnsttoughts on enabling PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" by default?15:28
juefrinnst: IMO we shouldn't do, that's something the user should enable if he likes it15:41
jueRomster: well, say hello, also from me and tell him that the links to prt-get and probably httpup are broken ;)15:47
frinnstjue agreed in a perfect world. Im just sick of explaining it to new users every week :-)16:05
juefrinnst: hmm, probably we should expand our FAQ a bit ->
jaegerexplaining is annoying but yeah, I'm not a fan of enabling it by default16:32
jaegerwould rather users think about it :)16:33
jaegerthough that's easier said than done16:39
frinnstfair enough17:32
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teK__what's the scenario of additional footprint files being bad? Did anybody in here uninstall / not install a port because of them?19:07
jaegernew files aren't necessarily bad. not understanding why you have new files is bad19:08
jaegerperhaps better to say blindly installing new files without investigation is bad19:08
jaegermy opinion, obviously19:10
teK__I even agree. But I fail to see my questions answered :)19:10
jaegerI answered the first. As for the second, I've avoided a port or two in the past until I investigated19:11
jaegermore out of curiosity, though, not technical19:11
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