IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-06-29

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frinnstby default we upgrade stuff in /var/run, right?07:28
frinnstim unsure if i've changed this or not locally07:28
frinnstoverwriting pid's is probably not a good idea :-)07:28
frinnstmesa 10.6.108:45
frinnstsuspect its "stable" now08:49
juefrinnst: I don't see any ports with a *.pid in it's footprint, we should allow updates to /var/run because there might be changes to directories etc.09:43
frinnstbind does, unless tek has changed that09:48
jueyeah, right, overseen that09:50
juemy query was wrong, there are some others:09:52
jueegrep '.*\.pid ' /usr/ports/*/*/.footprint09:52
juewe can add something like ^var/run/.*\.pid$ to pkgadd.conf?09:59
juebut to create pid files in ports is rather useless, because we rm them on system start ;)10:08
teK__my guess is, bind was bitching around if there was no .pid file10:34
juewell, after the first restart there's no pid file anymore ;)10:36
teK__the touch(1) has been sitting there since 2008 when I took over10:37
juebut you have a /var/run/named dir owned by group named, so it shouldn't be a problem to create a pid file for bind10:37
teK__so I _cannot_ remember :)10:38
jueok :)10:38
teK__)I guess you did not change your opinion when/if you saw my comments about PKGM_IGNORE_NEW?10:40
jueno, I never use that option. I'd like to see if a port differs from the original, everything else is something behind my back10:47
juefrinnst: do you plan to update gcc for 3.1?11:06
frinnstim confident Its a safe upgrade, but havent really tested it much11:23
frinnstI'd like to test it some more first. but if someone else is confident go for it :-)11:24
jueno hurry, but I can use it here too, it's just a version number bump?11:25
frinnstIm reading up on ipv6 on Things like this quote makes me really love it:11:28
frinnst"Making a subnet to conserve addresses, like in IPv4, is not something you should worry about in IPv6."11:28
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