IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-06-30

WorksterI would seriously love to have PKGMK_SOURCE="$PWD/$name-$version/$md5sum/" so we can stop being clobbered with github files. as a default.00:22
Worksterbut it'll break tools.00:23
Worksteri stopped using /var/ports/distfiles/00:23
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teK__I guess we will see a new openssh release soonish09:20
teK__ < ochsff> Is an OpenSSH bug with marginal DoS impact potential worth writing an email? "Asking for a friend."09:29
teK__that was yesterday, today his fix got merged09:29
frinnstAn HTTP_REFERER was detected other than what is defined in System -> Advanced09:31
frinnstyay pfsense09:31
frinnsti need to nat it ffs09:31
frinnstdo we have a policy regarding static libraries, btw?11:26
frinnstlibjpeg-turbo disables static libs explicitly and alan just opened a bug to enable it11:26
teK__I think it implicitly is: "what upstream says"11:35
teK__but I'm not quite sure.11:35
jueyeah, we have one, but unwritten11:40
juedon't remove static libs :)11:40
juefrom time to time it's usefully to build a static program, which is easy if we provide static libs11:41
juee.g. I don't want boost on my box, but I need it for building ledger, thus I have a boost port with static libs which I remove after building ledger11:44
frinnstyeah. --disable-static has always been enabled on libjpeg, and I carried it over to libjpeg-turbo without giving it much thought11:44
jueI'd opt for removing --disable-static from the port11:46
frinnstyeah, will do after work11:47
juefrinnst: you are using mesa 10.6.1, right?12:39
frinnstnope, i've been lazy13:05
jueok, works fine for me with intel and nvidia, would be great if you could test it with ati13:08
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frinnstjue you get this too? MISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/GL/wmesa.h15:46
frinnstromster why are *all* optional dependencies listed in the gst ports?19:14
juefrinnst: yeah19:33
frinnstthought so. pushed it earlier :)19:34
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Romsterfrinnst, i got that when i bumped mesa3d. i could have committed but i wondered why no one else has yet.21:59
Romsterfrinnst, because there are so many packages and not everyone needs all of them but if they are trying to find it they can.22:00
Romsterfrinnst, actually which package? i just looked though them... oh your not looking at optional: your looking at depends on listing them all...22:17
Romsternot /all/ are listed but most are.22:17
Romsterwhich would you rather have somehthing that wont fucking work or just works? and not have to hunt around for what optional package to install and recompile what port of gstreamer?22:18
Romsterto work on some codec22:18
Romsterinstead of complaining how about provide me a patch of recommended packages to depend on?22:19
Romsterfor each of the ports.22:19
Romsterjue is it at all possible to back port a patch from libarchive for enabling SMP mode on xz compression? requires that patch and a define to enable it. no options to libarchive are required to detect the number of cpu cores. xz does this itself.22:40
Romstermight be too hacky and i guess we can wait for later libarchive to be released. i dunno.22:41
Romsterand we should consider using xz as default then as it is then faster than gz in most cases.22:41
Romsterand compresion is almost the same without SMP mode in xz. about 100killobytes bigger on a large project like firefox.22:42

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