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frinnstis vim broken?14:36
frinnstafter the update, when I start vim (not vi) the textfile has this in it: :cccc/0000/0000/0000[>85;95;0c14:37
frinnstand im insert mode14:37
frinnstand im in*14:37
jaegerfrinnst: I'm not getting that on mine14:38
frinnston two boxes here14:43
frinnst=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.14:44
frinnst2015-07-07 16:43:51 ERROR 404: Not Found.14:44
frinnston three boxes14:44
frinnstError detected while processing /home/fredrik/.vimrc:14:44
frinnstline    6:14:45
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frinnst4 boxes15:41
rmullWhat's on line 6?15:48
frinnstsomething irrelevant16:24
frinnstreally, nobody else?16:25
frinnstevery fucking box16:25
jaegerIt seems fine for me. Either with a new empty file or a preexisting file16:25
frinnstand you start it with /usr/bin/vim ?16:25
frinnstvim 7.4.764 ?16:26
jaegerjust 'vim' but that's /usr/bin/vim16:26
frinnstw t f16:26
frinnsti was thinking it was some variable but I think i've eliminated it16:26
jaegerdoes changing TERM or LANG have any effect?16:27
frinnstlang - no16:27
frinnstterm.. hmm, yes perhaps16:27
frinnstseems like a term issue16:28
frinnstgood idea, overlooked that16:28
frinnsttried everything else :)16:28
jaegerI tested with xterm and vt100, both work here16:28
jaegerso does screen-256color16:29
frinnstcan you reproduce it with TERM=rxvt-unicode ?16:29
jaegerhrmm, nope, works with that too16:30
frinnstwith TERM=xterm i still get the crap16:31
frinnstTERM=linux works16:31
jaegerare you using urxvt? I'm using a vte terminal (mate-terminal)16:31
jaegerjust tested in actual xterm, works there too16:31
frinnstworks in xterm for me16:31
jaegerI'll install rxvt-unicode and try it16:33
jaegerurxvt works fine, too16:34
frinnsturxvt*background:   rgba:0000/0000/0000/cccc16:34
frinnsttry with that in Xdefaults16:34
frinnstI've used this config for what.. 10 years?16:35
frinnsturxvt*background: black <- works16:35
jaegerno problems with the rgba line here16:35
frinnstw h a t ?16:35
frinnstfuck it. Im going insane16:36
jaegerweird one, no idea16:36
frinnstok, before I get drunk16:37
frinnstmind testing with my old and broken Xdefaults file ?16:37
jaegerworks fine :/16:39
frinnstyou arent fucking with me, right?16:39
jaegernot at all, it really does work16:39
frinnstfuck it. beer16:42
jaegeryay beer16:42
juefrinnst: they removed version 124, will update to 125 soon, thanks for the report16:57
juejaeger: do you have had the time to look at 3.2 already?17:32
jaegernot yet, I was out of town quite a bit lately. I should have time this week, though17:33
jueour current TODO is small and mostly done17:35
jueone thing is still open: Alan's patch to add curl support to pkgmk17:36
jueit's FS#106017:36
jaegerI think in the past I said I would be fine with switching to curl and removing wget from core17:38
jaegerI don't know that there's any big benefit to supporting both in pkgmk but anyone who feels that's the case can correct me17:39
jaegerperhaps supporting both in 3.2 and moving to curl in 3.3 would work?17:40
juewell, I never saw problems with curl myself, but I remember someone else had some complains17:41
jaegerfrinnst had it fail on some ftp links if I remember right17:42
juebut I agree, there's no benefit if we support both17:44
juebut your transition idea is nice, that way we can test curl for a long time without any risk and do the switch with 3.217:55
jaegerI'm a big fan of thorough testing :)17:57
jueme too :)17:59
jueif frinnst agrees let's do it18:00
frinnstI dont have a strong opinion on it. fine with me19:27
frinnstyay - im not crazy:
frinnst!topic/vim_dev/LLGjKaEzNUY <- proposed patch19:29
frinnstseems that patch doesnt really work either19:31
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