IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-07-08

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jaegerjue: I'm testing 3.2 now, working well so far. Doing toolchain rebuilds currently15:51
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jaegerfrinnst: bought a code keyboard to go with my ducky, I really like it19:37
frinnsti love the wasd-keyboards customization thingy. shame the caps are all abs20:13
frinnstyou can take my thick pbt from my cold, dead hands20:13
jaegercherry mx browns, same as the ducky. I like them too much to switch to another :D20:16
frinnsthow is the weight compared to the ducky?20:17
jaegervery similar. I haven't weighed it to know exactly but just carrying them around they seem pretty close20:17
jaegerthe code keyboard is just slightly quieter than the ducky20:18
jaegeractivation force is the same20:18
frinnstoh really? i guess from when you bottom out? the switches should be just as quiet :)20:19
jaegeryeah, it's the casing tapping, not the switch itself20:19
frinnstXF86HomePage :ExecCommand firefox www.gnu.org20:24
frinnstthe emacs keyboard is kinda cool. bit expensive tho20:26
frinnstyou had a shine 3, right?20:30
jaegerwhich I still like quite a lot, I just have 2 mechanical keyboards now20:35
jaegerhad to send me shine 3 for some LED replacements recently and I was annoyed while it was gone. :)20:35
frinnsthehe yeah. its the biggest problem when using a mechanical keyboard - there is no going back20:37
jaegerindeed. Like an SSD20:40
jaegeron a crux note, is gperf still required by eudev in 3.2 or did we sort that out?20:40
jaeger(currently eudev complains about gperf if it isn't installed)20:42
frinnstit was added as a dep20:42
jaegerIt's not listed in # Depends on: but it is in core... I just thought I remembered some chatter about patching it out or something20:44
frinnstwe have patched it out in 3.1 but decided against doing that for 3.2 (since it would be a pain to maintain)20:45
frinnstabout it missing from depends on is an oversight20:45
jaegerAh, ok20:45
frinnst*off to bed*20:45
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Worksterdo we have an example git driver script?23:35
Worksterie onethat works with core/opt 3.223:35

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