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rmullDunno about its status, but this is the latest from kori's github:
Worksteri just looked at opt/git/git file00:12
Worksterguess i'll write the  fields and guess it.00:12
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Worksteri'm guessing core.git and00:30
Worksterbe enough00:30
Worksteronly down side doing this dirties my clean docker container with more packages00:30
Workster# ports -u core00:31
WorksterFetching updates from git://
WorksterUpdating collection core00:31
Worksterfatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /usr/ports)00:31
Worksteryeah and needs to be removed first to clone00:31
Worksterand that worked00:31
Worksterhmm i think my BRANCH=3.2 needs to be BRANCH="origin/3.2"00:34
Worksterfatal: ambiguous argument '3.2': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.00:37
Worksterinitial clone works but subsequent updating does not.00:37
rmullI never really liked their approach so I do something more comparable with their early approach, but you may want to let kori comment00:42
Worksteralso watch out it also picks upon foo.git~ files00:54
Worksteryeah that git diff line is failing for me.00:55
Worksterwhat is different to this to the early approach rmull ?00:55
Workster-git diff --pretty=format: --name-status "$BRANCH" origin/"$BRANCH"00:59
Workster+git diff --pretty=format: --name-status origin/"$BRANCH"00:59
Worksterseems to do what is expected00:59
Worksterjue that fix fixes my error on the git driver ^01:06
Workstermaybe i should poke tek on that01:07
rmullWorkster: Never mind what I said about the earlier version - it looks like I actually did update at some point01:21
rmullI was confused01:21
Worksterwell i solved it but we do need to avoid reading backup ~ files01:42
Worksterdo remember a bug report on that ages ago01:43
Worksteror at least someone mentioning it01:43
rmullI think that might have been me, but it wasn't just the git driver that was affected02:01
rmullHere was the bug02:03
rmullI don't actually think I tested the other drivers, based on the text here. Would have to revisit.02:03
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Worksteri think it affects all02:58
Worksterbut usually what happens is if it sees the non ~ file it skips the ~ file02:58
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Romsterisn't cruxbot tracking 3.2 yet?08:21
teK__I did not tell it to do so08:28
teK__I can do if you like :)08:28
teK__making frinnst, jue and possibly you having to answer the when is is it done? question more often :>08:29
frinnstcrux-bot seems to have tracked 3.2 previously at least08:32
frinnstthough it shouldnt08:32
Romsterit's clearly says 3.2 though08:41
Romsterwe don't get asked that much08:41
Romsteri bumped icu on 3.2 expect ABI breakage, use revdep.08:42
Romsteralso did we bump libpng and friends yet?08:42
Romsterdon't look like it.08:44
Romsteroh png is up to date on the current branch now.08:46
Romsterno other abi breaking change's?08:47
juefrinnst: no, it's not a oversight, cause gperf isn't a library we don't need it to list as a dep10:26
juejaeger: please have a look at TODO3210:28
frinnstbut isnt it a good idea anyways?11:45
frinnstits not like no deps are ever listed in core11:47
juewell, if you list gperf (which is a core port now) you have to list make, sed etc. as well, all of them are needed to build eudev12:00
juesee, gperf is simple binary and not something other ports link against, so you don't need gperf at runtime12:03
jueif eudev would link against libpcre we have to list libpcre as a dep12:03
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jueit's actually not so complicated as it sounds at first sight ;)12:06
juefrinnst: btw, what's your preferred  pdf viewer?12:12
frinnstmupdf mostly12:13
frinnstbut sucks when I need to print something at work12:14
jueyeah, indeed that's my problem with mupdf too12:14
frinnstepdfview is mostly broken and unusable these days. but sometimes I use it for printing12:14
jueyeah, indeed12:14
frinnstimagemagick only prints to lpr. Firefox works so so12:15
juefor that reason I looked over the market and found qpdfview, which works very nice and _is_ maintained12:15
juethough it's a qt app12:16
jueit's much more powerfull than epdfview but still kinda slim12:17
frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:~$ prt-get depinst qpdfview12:17
frinnstprt-get: installing /usr/ports/opt/cdparanoia12:17
frinnstwtf :D12:18
jueit has a experimental plugging for mupdf, but that's not a option for me because I definiely12:18
jueyeah, that comes with qt :(12:18
frinnststrange since I have qt4 installed, didnt know prt-get looked that deep12:19
jueqt builds just fine without the multimedia stuff, I don't have gstreamer etc installed12:20
frinnstyeah and you dont need any multimedia libraries to install gstreamer12:21
frinnst3.2 will probably be the last crux release without gstreamer stuff on the iso12:23
frinnstI plan to include gstreamer support in firefox soon'ish12:23
frinnstbut need to coordinate with romster to relax the deps a bit, or the iso will be 1gb :D12:23
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teK__mupdf is slow as hell for >500PDFs with quite some images12:31
teK__>500 page PDFs12:31
teK__it's _much_ slower than chromiums pdf plugin12:31
Romsteryou only need gst-plugins-base to link too. the rest is dynaloaded12:31
Romsterthough to be usable you need12:33
Romstergst-ffmpeg gst-plugins-good-compat gst-plugins-ugly-compat gstreamer-vaapi-compat12:33
frinnstfirefox still relies on the compat gst ports12:33
Romsterthey are slow...12:33
Romsterbe nice if i could drop those but too many things use it still.12:34
frinnstgstreamer-vaapi-compat is not *requiured* but perhaps nice depending on your hardware12:36
Romsteryeah it's not strictly required12:36
Romsterbut be unusable on some hardware without it.12:36
frinnstif you want to unburden your insane port collection I could take over the compat ports12:36
frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:/usr/ports$ grep -R romster *| wc -l12:37
Romsteryeah i know...12:38
frinnstgranted, thats some Packager lines too12:38
Romsternot including compat-3212:38
frinnstor xorg12:38
frinnstinsane :D12:38
Romsteror that as well.12:38
Romsterbut i don't do a heck of a lot in xorg now.12:38
frinnstI count 77, *including* my personal repo on this box12:39
frinnstand jue does all the heavy lifting in core anyways :D12:39
Romsteri could trim some fat off.12:39
Romsteri honestly see moving more gst-plugins into opt as prohibitive... so many dependencies.12:41
Romsterever looked at the deptree12:41
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jueteK__: oh, that's strange, I got the impression that mupdf is much faster than the poppler-based things, but I never tested it with huge pdfs13:15
teK__I had to browse 'The Rootkit Arsenal.pdf' a lot lately and it is a text+images PDF, I dont remember the file size, though13:16
teK__searching the file makes the CPU spike heavily13:16
frinnstdont think i've opened anything bigger than ~250 pages with mupdf13:19
frinnstno issues that I recall13:19
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juefrinnst: please tell me what you think about qpdfview, might be something I'll put into opt13:28
frinnstyep, will do13:31
frinnstjust tried it quickly now13:31
frinnstepdfview certanly needs replacing13:32
jaegerjue: I have, though I thought there was additional discussion about gperf. I just misremembered, sorry13:40 is flaky :p13:52
teK__my guess is, there's an update waiting :]13:52
jaeger shows 1.0.2d, want me to go ahead and update it?13:54
teK__Severity is: high :)13:54
teK__so yeah, it's a good idea13:55
jaegerWe definitely need to update, just asking if someone else had already updated so I don't push on top of them. I'll go ahead and do it if nobody minds13:56
jaegeris the only news for it? their news list isn't very verbose13:57
jaeger implies that it is, ok13:58
jaegerno problem on my workstation, building in the safe env VM before I push14:08
teK__I'd be willing to test-drive it, too but I'm stuck @the office14:16
jaegerI'm at work but I use crux here, too :) And it's a bit slow right now14:16
jaegerok, pushed14:24
rmullteK__: The packager for libreoffice informed me that they are no longer active in the crux community, can you put a libreoffice update through?15:38
jaegerno more rotwang? he has ~21 ports in contrib15:39
rmullThe email reads "I'm not active in crux community, the ticket should be assigned to someone else"15:40
jaegersimple enough, heh15:41
frinnstI thought it was adopted?15:42
frinnstyeah, blame tek :)15:43
jaegerlibreoffice is but rotwang is listed as maintainer for others15:46
rmullWhy do I get a slap?15:50
jaegerhe was probably aiming for tek and missed :D15:51
rmullLmk if I didn't follow protocol properly - I contacted the packager, learned he was no longer participating, and notified the maintainer15:51
jaegerthe maintainer is the one who maintains it so usually that person is the first point of contact16:06
frinnstyeah i dont really see the point in keeping Packager around16:25
teK__rmull: that's not that easy.20:11
teK__there's incompatibility with nettle20:11
rmullOh okay20:17
rmullI had only checked the build20:18
teK__try starting the new binary20:26
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WorksterteK__, you forgot to add glu as a dependency to libreoffice23:31
teK__I just tried to update our stinky old PHP/mod_php23:36
teK__flyspray broke23:37
teK__half our pmwiki recipes broke23:37
teK__portdb shows a blank page23:38
teK__I am really looking forward to fixing these...23:38
teK__at least it seems that FS gets some love on github (again)23:38
teK__at least, openssl and openssh are current again :]23:38
teK__so is dropbear23:38
teK__oh and FUCK YOU php for ignoring report_errors()23:39
teK__then again.. it's not nice to shout at the poor retard standing in the school yard alone, with all kids staring23:39
jaegerphp is just misunderstood (tm)23:40
teK__oh and pmwiki broke after downgrading php, too23:40
WorksterteK__, think you need to docker it all into each component. that way you can upgrade one and not break the rest23:47

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