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frinnst=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:07:23
frinnstMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib32/
frinnstNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib32/ (EMPTY)07:23
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/openssl-32#1.0.2d-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.07:23
frinnstanybody else?07:23
frinnststrange, works now07:25
teK__Workster: rolling back the updates was not hard07:34
teK__it was a matter of pkgadd -u {php,php-mysql,mod_php}*\#* and mv public_html.2.2.49 public_html07:35
teK__still, we have a lot possibly insecure recipes installed for pmwiki07:35
teK__timeline, toc and maybe the membership thingy07:35
teK__also there are no updated versions for these and I suck at^W^Whate PHP07:36
Worksteryeah there is always going back to the old versions07:37
Romsterfrinnst, yeah that's going to happen matt commented out the parreral build patch and didn't append -j1 to make and make install.08:57
frinnstcore/openssl has export MAKEFLAGS="$MAKEFLAGS -j1"09:02
Romsteri know and it was slow as ... to build.09:05
Romsteri keep asking if the parallel build patch can be applied to core/openssl09:06
jueIMO it's too much work to keep the patch up to date09:15
Romsteri understand functionality over complexity and time.09:16
frinnstopenssl doesnt take that long?09:17
Romsterfew minutes *shrugs*09:17
jueno, it doesn't take long, it's not worth ...09:17
Romsternot like it's a large port in terms of compile time.09:18
Romsterbugs me that upstream haven't fixed it yet.09:18
Romsterbeen months09:19
Romsteranyways what is left for crux 3.2?09:19
Romsterwhat needs testing?09:19
juewell, just use it for your normal work09:20
Romsterand is it too soon to make compat/3.2 xorg/3.2 and contrib/3.2 ?09:20
frinnstcompat-32, go nuts09:22
jueI'm especial curious to know, which port will break building with dash09:22
frinnstxorg is more or less unchanged, no?09:22
Romsteryeah unchanged afaik for xorg09:23
frinnstchanging manpage locations will be some work09:23
Romsterare we changing man pages to /usr/include/man ?09:23
frinnstshould we change it in contrib too, or rely on contributors to make the change?09:23
frinnstthe default09:24
Romsteroops /usr/share/man i meant...09:24
Romsteri nearly think why bother? keep using /usr/man ?09:24
frinnstcore and xorg wont be a problem and probably not opt either09:24
Romsteri'll be the most affected :D09:25
juefrinnst: indeed, it's kinda painful, because after the change merging isn't smooth anymore09:25
frinnsttrue, but it would be nice to not having to worry about --mandir any more09:25
Romsteris it really that much pain to specify --mandir?09:25
jueso we should do that chance as late as possible09:26
Romsterthe dash change will take some time to find all the shell scripts that break09:27
jueRomster: no it isn't a pain, but /usr/share/man is the default nowadays09:27
frinnstand some ports doesnt accept --mandir either, so then you need to manually move it around09:27
Romsterthem info pages that some man pages say to use is pointless... i messed with info in hvl days and it wasn't worth the effort using.09:27
Romsterso it's just man and possibly htmldoc09:28
Romsterthe later we remove of course.09:28
jueRomster: everything that breaks building, it's easy to do, just create the symlink and rebuild everything installed ...09:28
Romsteri mean run time breakage of shell scripts. not compile time.09:29
Romsterhmm where is that shell script parser that looks for bashisms.09:29
Romsterie prt-utils you fixed.09:30
juebtw, ilmbase and openexr are two ports from contrib that needs09:30
jueRomster: we are not going to change CRUX scripts to sh09:30
Romsterjaeger tool them two over.09:30
Romsterso dash is just for the user?09:31
juethe most heavy use of sh is done in confiure/libtool etc.09:31
Romsteras the preferred shell.09:31
jueno, bash is still the preferred user shell09:31
Romsteroh so libtool pkg-config use dash?09:32
juesure, a lot09:32
jueall configure stuff is mostly sh09:32
Romsterah cool. so saving of time there. i remember you had stats on it and dash was saving considerable time.09:33
juethat's the reason why we change sh to dash, because some ports calls sh very often at build time09:33
juee.g. gcc calls 84k times sh, mesa3d 363k times :)09:36
jueduring build09:36
juefrinnst: here are the fixes for ilmbase and openexr ->
frinnstits jaegers ports09:51
frinnstI just bumped them once when i thought jaeger was away :)09:52
jueoh, sorry then :)09:56
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jaegerjue: thanks, I'll look at them today13:14
jaegerromster, frinnst: openssl-32 built for me on 3 machines without -j1 so I assumed (perhaps wrongly) they had finally fixed that upstream. The parallel build patch didn't apply cleanly and I was more interested in getting the security fix out than parallel builds13:16
jaegerjue: do you think it would be easier to make the mandir change *after* the 3.2 release but push for maintainers to have it done by 3.3?13:20
Romsterjaeger, i understand the urgency13:28
Romsteri also thought they fixed it upstream only to have unreliable race conditions.13:28
jaegerIt's annoying to me that the race condition isn't easier to trigger. I thought 3 different hosts was enough :P13:34
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juejaeger: thanks for the idea15:41
juebut if I think a bit more about it, the problem seems not so big at all15:42
juebecause in most cases for "normal" updates the foorprints are not changed15:43
jueso I doesn't matter that the footprint on the target side is different15:44
juehope I was able to explain my thoughts somewhat reasonable :)15:47
frinnstyeah, nothing breaks. its just cosmetic16:30
teK__oh btw if you get a footprint warning for (you should!): I added a ECDSA host key to drop bear18:19
teK__ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:4WFcmOLsv/Lu0hOgcKO2c1kHGYne7CBlHeqOwuL6CAk.18:19
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frinnsthm, nope20:08
teK__are you connecting to
teK__my take  is: you are20:23
teK__dropbear[12342]: Pubkey auth succeeded for 'rehabdoll' with key md5 45:1a20:23
teK__well if you dont care for your security!20:26
teK__I watched I can see you now20:26
teK__funny thing. Any recommendations from zoidberg? :)20:26
frinnstnah :(20:30
frinnstbut you should login anyways, he likes to feel useful!20:30
teK__I browsed and check (with imdb) about 30 movies until I watched that magicians thing20:32
teK__penny dreadful does start at s02 :\20:32
frinnstmagicians ?20:32
frinnsthey im not made of storage!20:33
teK__btw: watching Ray Donovan?20:34
frinnstsaw the first season. never really liked it20:35
teK__You cannot identify with the broken family situation and a violent main cast? WHAT?!20:35
teK__the company I did a large project for discovered that there are 300k€ of sales missing20:36
teK__Made a report today.. 50 pages of delivery slips without invoice20:36
teK__uhoh :o20:36
teK__anyway. I really _like_ Ray Donovan :-)20:36
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