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juegood morning09:09
jueI think that the --remote-header-name option of curl resp. --content-disposition option of wget might help to improve the download situation for github and the like ;)09:12
juethough, not tested yet09:14
Romsteri read the one in wget is experimental and not always reliable yet09:21
Romsterbut i didn't check up on the one in curl09:22
jueyou've tested the option with wget already?09:30
Romsteri haven't tested it no i read in the man page that it's is experiential and may not work in all cases09:36
Romsterthough i haven't had it fail on the few cases i did try it09:36
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juewell, most important is github IMO, if that works reliable we should consider to add the option as a default in 3.209:41
jueeven though is kinda magic, which I don't like in general09:41
Romsteri was thinking can we add git support to source= in pkgmk ?09:42
Romsterand just grab the tag/revision09:42
jueand we have to specify a different name in source09:42
Romsterhonestly the easist thing i can think of doing is grabbing the tarballs renaming them and hosting them myself on in the distfiles that the round robin works on at
jueRomster: that's quite a different story09:43
jueI meant the git support not your distfiles offer09:44
Romsternot everyone wants git though i could imagine.09:44
jueme neither, I don't want a lot of repos in my PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR09:46
Romsterthat is understandable.09:49
Romsterso why can't we jsut grab the tarballs and host them on our mirrors?09:49
Romsterand keep a reference where the true source came from.09:50
Romstersums will match upstream even if we alter the filename.09:50
jueif --content-disposition works well it helps all the third-party repos as well, but if we don't use that as the default in pkgmk nobody can rely on it09:58
juejust tested it for ledger,, works :)10:01
jueurl is file is saved as ledger-3.1.tar.gz10:02
juegreat :)10:03
Romsterit'll break tools too10:16
juesure, everything that depends on source= will10:31
juedon't get me wrong, it's a pian that github is not able to offer plain files10:33
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Romstervery much so.11:07
frinnstI wonder how long the cat cable running to my apartment is11:43
frinnstI know running a 25M cat6 from the wall makes it too long atleast11:43
frinnstRomster: thoughts on revisiting the deps of gstreamer-compat ?11:45
frinnsti think i'd really like gst firefox support for 3.211:45
Romsteri haven't looked into it yet i'll do that soon11:46
frinnstI can look it over for you11:46
Romsteryou could suggest if you like. i could move optical off good, not everyone needs optical support.11:48
frinnstas long as you have gstreamer-compat installed when building firefox you should be good to go. the rest is pluggable i think11:49
frinnstrunning tests now11:49
Romstergst-plugins-base-compat to build really11:49
Romsterthe rest you need for html5 support to work though11:50
frinnstyeah, but thats up to the user11:50
Romsteri dind't fully isolate exactly what was required for h26411:50
frinnstme neither, yet11:51
Romsterare you wanting html5 support out of the box?11:51
frinnsti think I have some extra packages installed that are not needed11:51
frinnstno, I just want firefox to be prepared for it11:51
frinnstto drop --disable-gst11:51
Romsteractually go pkgrm each you think it don't need11:51
Romsterretest html5 support11:52
Romsteryou wont get revdep on firefox code it self as it dlopens11:52
Romsteri think you only need gst-pluigns-base-compat to compile firefox and to make it work you need gst-plugins-good-compat,gst-plugins-ugly-compat11:54
frinnstwtf. Running 2 kvm machines right now. both seem to use the same cpu core11:55
frinnstboth vm's have more than one core11:56
frinnstwtf, everything seems to use the same core now12:07
frinnststupid rc-112:07
frinnst%Cpu0  : 92.4 us,  7.6 sy,  0.0 ni,  0.0 id,  0.0 wa,  0.0 hi,  0.0 si,  0.0 st12:11
frinnst%Cpu1  :  0.0 us,  0.0 sy,  0.0 ni,100.0 id,  0.0 wa,  0.0 hi,  0.0 si,  0.0 st12:11
frinnstI was thinking just last night.. "damn an rc1 that works flawless!"12:12
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Romsterand then nope12:19
frinnstyeah, you need plugins-base too12:25
Romsterthe rest should only be run time.12:32
Romsterdo you want the kitchen sink or just tell uses if they want html5 support to install gst-plugins-{good,ugly}-compat12:32
frinnstyeah, a # Nice to have: list or something12:41
Romsteri prefer to use # Optional:12:43
Romsterbut everyone seems to go with  # Nice to have:12:43
Romsterproblem with that is i then have to manually track all packages not listed on depends on.12:44
frinnstfor rebuilds you mean?12:50
Romsteryeah and depinst of all ports... it's ok i have a solution for that.12:50
Romsterso i can keep track of the stuff.12:51
Romsterbest of all it wont affect crux in any way12:51
frinnstso these are directly needed for h.264:12:51
frinnstgst-ffmpeg 0.10.13-212:51
frinnstgst-plugins-base-compat 0.10.36-312:51
frinnstgst-plugins-good-compat 0.10.31-312:51
frinnstgstreamer-compat 0.10.36-312:51
frinnstnow to dig deeper..12:52
Romsterother than to make them ports less package heavy12:52
Romsterso no ugly?12:52
frinnstno, i'd guess ffmpeg is whats really important12:52
Romsteri think stuff got moved or something i never did fully isolate it12:53
frinnstand obviously x26412:53
Romstermaybe it only needs ffmpeg with x26412:53
frinnstbuilding in as clean'ish vm. takes ages though12:53
frinnstafk for a while12:53
Romstermay need to debloat ffmpeg i pretty much threw a lot in that12:54
Romsterthat's why i share my ccache12:54
Romsterbetween all my stuff12:54
jaegerI used the 1.x versions for firefox rather than compat13:00
Romsterdid that work jaeger ?13:10
Romsteri am guessing so?13:10
jaegeryes, works well13:11
jaeger <-- this is the Pkgfile I used13:12
jaegerI'll try it with the current version13:12
jaegerpulseaudio isn't required, I'm sure, but --enable-gstreamer-1.0 works13:16
jaegerer, =1.013:16
frinnstoh, you need to specify it to use 1.013:53
frinnstthat ought to be more future proof13:53
jaegerok, 39.0 works fine, too14:01
frinnstconfigure: error: no gstreamer-0.10 >= 0.10.31 (GStreamer) found14:05
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/gst-ffmpeg#0.10.13-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.14:05
frinnststill depends on gst-plugins-base-compat ?14:06
frinnstah, they renamed it to libav14:07
frinnsthow backwards14:07
frinnstwonder if they too will switch back to ffmpeg14:08
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frinnstright, so what you need for x264 in firefox is 4 more ports20:20
frinnst2 are needed to build firefox. the two others can be added whenever20:20
frinnstfor building firefox: gstreamer and gst-plugins-base20:21
frinnstfor h264: gst-plugins-good and gst-libav20:21
frinnstI've stripped all media libraries from the gst* Depends on:20:23
frinnstand you dont need any additional libraries to get going with html5 video20:23
frinnstmy modified ports20:29
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