IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-07-13

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frinnstheh, decided to clean out my crux install at work07:23
frinnstyou accumulate a lot of crap if you're not careful :)07:23
frinnstload average: 15.85, 13.76, 9.6907:28
Romsteri'll look into it frinnst as of right now gst-plugins-base can be added to firefox easily enough is in opt now.10:25
Romsterso does not use libav ?10:25
Romsterto ffmpeg?10:25
frinnstlibav = ffmpeg (but for non-compat)12:09
frinnstSo i'd rather use gst 1.0 for firefox12:09
frinnstgst-plugins-base still depends on too much stuff for my liking12:10
frinnst--enable-orc <- it doesnt autodetect that?12:11
Romsterhmm looks into it been dealing with floods...12:14
Romsterit might i'll see ow much it can auto detect12:14
Romstercode changes stuff moves around....12:15
frinnstseems it autodetects most other libraries. Anyways you only need the gstreamer stuff to get all html5 codecs working in firefox, no additional x264 libs or anything like that12:18
frinnstproblem with autodetecting stuff is there will be lots of NEW footprints12:18
frinnstbut Im afraid we will need to trim down the gst stuff if it's gonna go on the ISO12:19
frinnstanother alternative is to remove firefox from the ISO, but not having a browser after install would suck12:19
frinnstand chromium is not better when it comes to deps :(12:19
Romsteryeah i'll trim it it's just gonna be more fun on installing more support for gstreamer stuff later on and rebuilding stuff but eh..... i doubt everyone even needs all the deps i've added to it.12:21
Romsteri just used the most common and because they are small packages i've added what is available in contrib/opt12:21
Romsterinstall and forget12:22
Romsterit wont be so install and forget after trimming.... x or y does not work what port do i need for that?12:22
Romsteri installed z but it does notwork.... yeah rebuild gst-plugins-foo12:22
Romsterdon't know how many even use the gst framework to be honest.12:23
Romsteri heavily use it.12:23
Romsterwe have that new ignore new files in footprint.12:23
Romsterso that is no big deal12:24
frinnstyeah.. makes you wish for gentoo USE flags :)12:26
Romsterhehe actually i got a little side project going on for pre-processing Pkgfile i'm toying with an idea.12:35
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frinnstanyways romster. let me know if/when you are ready to push the gst changes19:29
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