IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-07-16

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jaegerfrinnst: there's one weird behavior I've seen with firefox using gst stuff for html5 video - when maximized, the video is flawlessly smooth. when running embedded in the standard firefox window, it's a little choppy14:10
jaegernot a lot, just enough that I notice14:10
jaegerthe video card in my workstation here is lame so maybe that's all it is... but I wondered if you see the same thing14:11
jaegernvidia GT61014:11
jaegerI don't have one of my intel ones around to test currently14:11
Romsterdirect drawing as opposed to have to overlay on top of all the other screens in xdamange perhaps14:13
jaegercould be, yeah. just curious if it happens to others14:13
frinnsthavent really noticed that14:19
jaegerit could be something else, too. software compositing, dual-head, nvidia driver being stupid, or something else entirely14:20
jaegernot a big problem14:20
Romsteryeah dunno it's a complex path it takes14:23
Romsterhence why wayland but be ages before all the big apps move to that14:23
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jaegerI'm finally getting to work on the ISO updates a bit. Replacing the old-ass syslinux 4.04 with 6.03, adding HDT, etc.15:29
jue.oO nice, gcc 5.2 is out :)16:43
frinnstbuilding it16:49
jaegeras far as I can tell so far HDT just doesn't work in EFI mode (there is an EFI version but nothing I've done so far makes it work)17:26
jaegerseems to work fine in BIOS mode, though, so I guess that's improvement17:26
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teK__frinnst, jaeger, Romster please remove zsh source from your mirrors and re-dl :\18:26
jaegerok, removed19:47
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teK__it was a TRAP21:37
teK__take this napkin21:40
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ du -sh21:40
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ du -shx21:40
frinnsti was wondering what was wrong at first21:40
frinnstsilly btrfs snapshots21:40
teK__btw I am proud of Germany today. We make children cry!21:42
frinnsti hear hollande got all the props21:44
teK__french press is hatin on Schaeuble and the Krauts :}21:44
teK__from what I red21:44
frinnstsilly greeks21:45
frinnst1+1 does not equal 821:45
teK__believe it or not, but here's the thing: we have a federal system in germany. Similar to the one in Europe21:46
teK__fun fact: there are payments among the states, adjusted by their economic strength21:46
teK__Berlin's Mayor said once: we're poor but sexy21:47
teK__(Berlin is a state, too)21:47
teK__so I think it's highly hypocritical to bitch about greece21:48
frinnstIm neither german nor greek. I can bitch all i want21:50
frinnstand i will!21:50
teK__need another napkin? :>21:50
Romsterjaeger, any chance the iso can have uefi tools?22:42
jaegerit will, yeah22:44
Romsterthat'll be nice.22:44
Romsteri often wonder how much work it be to make a live crux iso that can run xorg right off the disc too.22:45
RomsterteK__, done it'll sync shortly few mins22:45
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Worksterare we still going to use curl in place of wget for pkgmk?23:16
Worksterthere is meta4 support with curl i'd really really would love to use foo.meta4 files in source. it'll take care of providing a list of urls to download from. among other things. but might be outside the scope of crux to enable meta4 in curl.23:18
Workster example meta4 file23:19
Workster.if you are using a23:24
Workster metalink download, by default it will write to the filename taken from23:24
Workster inside the metalink23:24
Worksteralso that23:25
Worksterbut it requires linking libcurl with a tiny C implementation of libmetalink, that might be the bit that we don't want to bloat core.23:26

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