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prologicfrinnst, ah thanks for the reminder00:29
jaegerNot sure what the best route is for an EFI bootloader on the ISO. syslinux should theoretically work but I've had very negative results with it so far01:28
jaegerotherwise would need to add elilo or grub2-efi or something01:28
jaegerRomster: what's the md5sum for wine-1.7.47.tar.bz2 supposed to be?01:41
jaegerRomster: never mind, looks like sourceforge shat itself again and my mirror got a bad file01:42
jaegerteK__'s is the bad one, too, looks like01:44
Romsterso tek is out of sync?02:02
jaegerno, sourceforge was fucked up. again02:02
Romsterwtf mine on does not have the same sha1 sum as arch has... wine only has a .sign file for it.02:06
Romsterare they code injecting again?02:06
jaegerI looked at the HTML in my download, SF was in maintenance mode02:06
Romster0103b909e19ca9c6497a7ae696c16480  wine-1.7.47.tar.bz202:07
jaegerI think they only injected windows stuff but I don't know for sure02:07
Romsterand sha1sum02:07
Romsterea60df615387f47bdfdfe4da48f6567c4ec60f74  wine-1.7.47.tar.bz202:07
Romsterarch has sha1sum 08cbca1ac32e7250e9e9512ac9cbacecb54a2ff402:07
Romsteralong with a pgp key 5AC1A08B03BD7A313E0A955AF5E6E9EEB9461DD702:08
Romsterwe need to start using gpgkeys in pkgmk02:08
Romster08cbca1ac32e7250e9e9512ac9cbacecb54a2ff4  wine-1.7.47.tar.bz202:10
Romsterand that is the sha1sum when i built it in docker02:10
Romsterso my grabbed a stuffed up one off sourceforge02:11
Romsteri'm gonna do a diff on these02:11
Romsterand i have a log of downloads so i'll pull up that and see what mirror it was02:14
Romsterah what Length: 639 [text/html]02:15
RomsterWe're sorry -- the Sourceforge site is currently in Disaster Recovery mode, and currently requires the use of javascript to function.  Please check back later.02:17
Romsterhow many more could be text/html02:17
jaegerI'm starting to wonder if you think everything I say is bullshit02:18
Romster... what makes you think that?02:18
jaegerconversations like this one02:18
jaegerjust my imagination, sorry02:20
Romsteri never said what you said was bullshit... all i did was to go investigate... then you assume i think you say is bullshit....02:24
Romsterwell i say...02:24
jaegerThere have been quite a few occasions were I will say  something in either channel and then you come back later and say the same thing or very similar02:25
Romsterwhatever i hate these words confusing myself.02:25
Romstermaybe because i don't see your text first.02:25
Romsteralso have a habit to go check for myself. i don't trust a single entity.02:25
jaegerIt's happened enough times now that it started to feel a bit personal02:26
jaegerYou say it's not, I'll accept that an apologize02:26
Romsterand then i may read some of the back log reply to it then scroll down more and realize it's already bean said.02:26
Romstersorry if i come across that way, i respect your work.02:26
Romsteryou are competent else you wouldn't be here.02:27
jaegerThanks for the vote of confidence. I suppose I was just feeling testy, didn't mean to pick a fight02:27
Romsterthis isn't the first time that it seems i am stepping on your went off at me editing stuff in compat-32 ages ago that i can remember when i made all the -32 ports depend on there 64bit ports... I did that for the header files.02:28
jaegerIt's been a while now so maybe I'm misremembering but I thought what I didn't like was duplication of headers in /usr/include3202:29
Romsterbeen feeling tension in the air with you for a long time.02:29
jaegerhence the switch to depending on the 64-bit versions02:29
Romsteroh i was probably doing include32 at the time... because i was not up on multilib and thought headers would differ from 64bit ones due to different integers and long instead of long long02:30
jaegerSorry, it's not my intention to cause tension :(02:30
Romsterit's okay.02:30
jaegerin some rare cases they do, like the python stub02:30
Romsteri'm here to help -_-02:30
jaegerI think I need to be less of a jerk/pedant02:30
Romsteri am not the best at this i can barely program, but i pitch in, and keep learning.02:31
Romsterhell i've taken up so much slack when users have left crux.02:31
Romsterthis is why i have so many packages.02:31
jaegerNobody questions your dedication or level of effort, I believe :)02:31
jaegermyself included02:31
Romstermaybe how i do things is unorthodox02:32
Romstermaybe my english is so terrible no one can understand me.02:32
Romsteri've been putting in more effort on my english side.02:33
Romsteri got stuck on llvm-32 with llvm that wasn't a easy one either.02:33
jaegeryeah, I recall that being a pain02:33
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RomsterThe website is temporarily in static offline mode.07:58
RomsterOnly a very limited set of project pages are available until the main website returns to service.07:58
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frinnsthm. thunderbird builds with a bunch of bundled video crap. Anybody know of a reason as to why keep it?11:57
RomsterThunderbird uses alsa-lib i see no other audio stuff in finddeps13:15
Romsteroh it bundles it..13:15
Romsterof course it has the kitchen sink in it's source like firefox13:15
frinnstseems you cant disable it. if you do, the build fails because mediaextensions tries to use it etc.13:19
frinnstand there seems to be no way to disable thatt13:19
frinnstfed up with thunderbird for today :)13:19
frinnstprologic: still have the same error13:51
frinnstrm -f /usr/ports/work/linux-firmware-20150527-1-work/pkg/usbdux/*dux /usr/ports/work/linux-firmware-20150527-1-work/pkg/*/*.asm13:51
frinnstrm /usr/ports/work/linux-firmware-20150527-1-work/pkg/lib/firmware/{WHENCE,LICENSE.*,LICENCE.*}13:51
frinnstrm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/work/linux-firmware-20150527-1-work/pkg/lib/firmware/{WHENCE,LICENSE.*,LICENCE.*}': No such file or directory13:51
frinnstMakefile:9: recipe for target 'install' failed13:51
frinnsthm, works on my other machine13:55
Romsterkernel source at /usr/src/linux  ?13:57
Romsternvidia and other virtualbox and other crap with kernel stuff will fail otherwise.13:58
Romsterand it usually requites it to me make13:58
jaegerNot sure about others but nvidia doesn't require it, at least14:01
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frinnstits because I use dash14:06
frinnstSHELL = /bin/bash in the Makefile solves it14:06
frinnstsomething to remember for 3.2 :)14:07
frinnstSent it upstream14:19
prologiclemme see14:19
prologicobviously builds fine here :)14:19
frinnstyeah but Im on 3.2 with dash as /bin/sh14:19
prologicwe're finally going with dash?14:20
prologicoh that was always the default on the ISO anyway14:20
frinnstas /bin/sh, yes14:20
prologicgood move14:20
jaegerprologic: ever have a problem with zfs pools showing as online at boot but not mounting any filesystems?14:37
frinnsthow much extra ram does zfs use in linux over a native system using zfs?14:39
frinnstI read that the zfs module claims lots of ram since there is no shared memory with the rest of linux14:39
prologicjaeger, yeah14:44
prologicthat's why I do:14:44
jaegerfrinnst: it doesn't seem to use more in linux as far as I can see, though I've not done any exhaustive tests14:47
jaegerprologic: what's odd is that it's inconsistent. Doesn't happen every boot14:48
prologicmaybe it'll get fixed :)14:54
prologicI'm not game enough to test/upgrade zfs/spl on my NAS at this point14:54
prologicnot until I can replicate the data on another system14:54
prologicjust in case :)14:54
jaegerI just tested zfs with 3.18.18, seems ok15:17
jaegerhaven't tried with 4.x yet15:18
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teK__do I need to sync anything on my distfiles mirror?18:21
frinnstdont think so20:07
frinnstfeel like rolling a new mplayer tarball? :)20:07
frinnstI have some wierd "problem" with mplayer slowing down video to something like 2-3fps after seeking/skipping20:08
frinnstonly on some type of files though20:08
frinnstnah. seems to remain in the latest svn version20:29
jaegerteK__: you might check if the wine tarball is text/html and delete it if so22:08
Romsteri fixed mine from my local copy22:44
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