IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-07-21

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teK__it won't be enabled as soon as postgres is aailable?07:53
frinnstbtw I contacted mozilla regarding the branding.. never got a response so i'd say fuck it and lets just keep going08:35
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jaegerteK__: seems to require -DHAS_PGSQL and -lpq at least in CCARGS and AUXLIBS. I just made a local port for it, not a big deal13:16
jaegerunrelated to postgresql and postfix, I added dosfstools and hdt to the ISO. hdt only works in bios mode so I didn't add it to the EFI side of things13:19
jaegercouldn't get syslinux EFI to behave properly so staying with grub2 for the ISO boot13:20
jaegerI'm thinking elilo might be the best choice to add to the ISO for an EFI boot loader. It's probably the simplest option since syslinux doesn't work13:24
jaegerteK__: would you mind moving elilo to opt if we do that?13:25
teK__not at all15:44
teK__will do later today15:45
jaegerno rush at all, thanks :)15:45
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frinnstI just blindly pushed binutils 2.25.1 to core/3.216:30
jaegeryou monster!16:43
jaegerer, ok16:43
frinnstbest test there is!16:46
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