IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-07-22

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jaegerfinally took the time to set up a mail server on, bit of a complicated config04:03
jaegerpostfix + postgresql + dovecot + saslauthd - no local accounts needed04:05
jaegerpostfix gets its users and maildirs from postgresql, dovecot gets its users, passwords, and maildirs from postgresql, saslauthd uses the imap server to authenticate mail relaying04:06
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rmullLiving the dream, man. Comcast silently started blocking incoming SMTP connections to my house when I was running my own mailserver. It took like a month.11:29
frinnstlol why block incoming tcp/25?11:50
frinnstI assume they were already blocking outgoing?11:50
rmullnope, outgoing was fine11:58
frinnstthats what you usually block11:59
frinnstmy isp has tcp25 blocked for outgoing11:59
frinnstso I use their relay to send11:59
rmullI mean, they don't necessarily want to prevent me from sending mail11:59
rmulljust from running my own server that accepts connections11:59
frinnstspammers paradise12:00
rmullThey would probably block outgoing if I started blasting mail, haha12:00
rmulleither way, a little notification would have been nice12:00
frinnstyeah :)12:00
jaegermy ISP blocks 25 in both directions, this is on a linode VPS anyway13:14
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jaegerand now it's converted to kvm, woo13:35
frinnstWe generally block 25 for all our customers. But if any of them really needs/wants to run smtp we open it up.13:39
frinnstmy isp blocks cifs/smb ports too13:40
frinnstsince a lot of folks shared C$ during the early days of xp and before nat/firewalls became popular13:41
jaegeryay, got grelisting now, too14:48
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jaegerlots of sudo updates, seems like20:39
frinnstyeah I made a note in the latest commit :)22:00
jaegerheh, nice22:01
frinnstwas the same thing with 1.8.13 iirc22:01
frinnst3-4 patches in as many days22:01
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prologicjeager: re zfs upgrades; yeah I have backups too! But it would be a giant PITA to resotre at present; I need to improve my backup strategy somewhat23:32

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