IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-07-24

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Romsterjaeger, you should document it. how you configured it.02:52
Romsterfrinnst, pushed what you need for firefox i haven't completed the rest yet02:54
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jaegerperhaps. there's nothing crux-specific about it but couldn't hurt03:35
frinnstI hit this too07:29
frinnstdowngrading to 0.33 solves it07:43
frinnst :(08:00
frinnstBug 1186748 - Switch all builds to Gtk+308:00
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juefrinnst: thanks for the info, will apply the patch from upstream09:48
Romsteri don't believe core/glibc/make.patch is being used. can be git rm12:23
Romsteralso have stray patches not in source=12:24
Romsterin crux 3.112:24
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frinnsteasy to overlook those12:57
Romsteri know that's why i reported.13:16
jueRomster: nice find, will fix apache and mysql-python14:23
Romsterprtwash and ports -u in a clean prefix then i manually looked at each Pkgfile14:44
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teK__chief quality officer, as usual! :)20:44
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