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Romstersome has to be teK__ :D02:16
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teK__right :)08:55
juewrt FS#1204: I've just added a COPYING and COPYRIGHT file to our core repo for further inspections, please comment and/or complain :)10:12
jueif we have no objections, we should copy the files to the other official repos10:13
jueonly a 3.2 feature, oc10:16
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jueas discussed, I've applied the curl patch from Alan (FS#1060) with only one minor correction from me10:57
jueon 3.2 we have pkgutils 5.36 now10:59
jueplease test :)10:59
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mechaniputerjue: I originally filed FS#1204, and the files you added look fine to me.14:31
juemechaniputer: great, thanks for your work on that topic :)15:55
frinnstwow, 13hrs sleep.15:58
frinnstthat felt gooooooood15:58
jaegerjue: curl pkgmk change looks good to me16:08
jaegercopying and copyright look fine as well16:08
jaegerfrinnst: sounds nice :)16:08
juejaeger: btw, have you seen FS#1029?16:26
frinnstnice catch jue, had forgotten about that16:30
jaegerjue: yes, I've already added it to my local copy16:32
jue hmm, looks like we've done most of the work for 3.2 now, at least on the ports side16:35
jue... minus the man-page location thing16:35
juejaeger: is there something we can help with the ISO?16:37
jaegerI don't think so but thanks :) I think it's pretty much ready aside from updating setup-helper and setup16:37
jaegerThe EFI setup didn't change much at all. On the BIOS side I updated syslinux and added HDT16:38
jaegerI will look at the setup-helper stuff today or tomorrow16:39
jaegerShouldn't take long :)16:39
jueone thing I'd like to discuss wrt /usr/share/man:16:41
jueit's tempting to update the port on 3.2 without changing the release variable16:42
jueso we are still able to do further merges between 3.1 and 3.2 without hassle16:42
juebut I think that's a too much ...16:44
jaegerhow does not incrementing the release var help? The footprint would still be slightly different16:46
jaegeror am I misunderstanding?16:46
jueyeah, the footprint will be different, but on most updates the footprint doesn't change16:47
jaegerIf the update consists of a new mandir it will, though16:47
jueI meant an trivial update on 3.1 which mostly changes only Pkgfile and .md5sum16:48
jaegerah, ok16:49
juebut probably not a big issue at all, guess it's better to do it the correct way16:55
jaegerI don't mind if release vars get bumped anyway, not a big deal16:56
jaegermaybe on slower hardware people would complain, perhaps16:56
jueok, so let's start the man-page change soon to be ready for a first test/rc release :)17:01
juefrinnst: ?17:09
juedone some core ports, from acl to coreutils, without btrfs and bzip2, the later is more work because /usr/man is hardcoded17:50
juebut have to run now, later17:50
jaegera good start, cool17:53
jaegertake care17:53
frinnstyay, im in!17:56
frinnstIll start with z and move backwards :)17:58
frinnstskipping zip for now18:02
frinnsthm, for some reason no manpages are installed when I remove --mandir on the ports i've tested18:07
jaegerhow odd18:13
frinnsthaha im so stupid18:39
frinnstthis might have caused it:     rm -r $PKG/usr/share18:39
jaegeroops :D18:48
frinnstskipped zip, unzip, tzdata (makefile patch) for now18:58
frinnstwhat about removing core/reiserfsprogs ?19:14
frinnstI dont think anybody would miss it19:14
jaegerI wouldn't mind, personally... can't speak for everyone19:14
frinnstskipping core/ports19:20
frinnstand pkgutils19:21
teK__+1 for moving reiser to opt19:59
frinnstwhy do we define the build options in a variable and pass that to configure in core/ncurses ?20:49
frinnstskipping ncurses for now20:51
frinnstwhat does "touch $PKG/usr/man/whatis" do? (man-db)20:53
frinnstsorry - man-pages20:54
frinnstskipped lilo for now21:13
frinnstjfsutils should probably be moved too, if we move reiserfs21:14
teK__we be done with the hippy times when reiser and jfs were en vouge21:20
frinnstskipping httpup21:26
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frinnstI think all ports but ncurses and our ports still remain22:29
frinnst*are done22:30
frinnst;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/3.2 <- tiring D;22:33
frinnstyay, firefox crashed again22:33
frinnst40 is unstable as hell22:34
teK__ugh, good/much work22:34
teK__there's a 3.2 branch for opt.. I ought to start migrating things there, too22:35
teK__and maybe I'll get around to switching my rc-stuff to ssd in august, too22:36
frinnstyeah I have a bunch of stuff in opt too22:37
frinnstgood thing about the manpage thingy, there's no rush really22:38
frinnstsame with ssd - unless the current script sucks ass22:38
teK__I want my ports to be current and 'clean'. Didnt touch ck4up for months :\22:41
teK__btw who is 'the CRUX development team'?22:41
teK__do we need ppp to be in core these days? My bet would be that ~90% of our users are behind an el-cheapo ISP-provided router22:47
frinnst'the CRUX development team' - as in core/COPYRIGHT ?23:06
frinnstdunno, stop asking questions! :D23:07
teK__what is the meaning of life23:07
frinnstthat I know23:07
teK__i need answers a.s.a.p.23:07
teK__I can live with that23:08
frinnst <- wow23:08
frinnst42 (forty-two) is the natural number that succeeds 41 and precedes 43.23:08
teK__mad science, bra23:10
frinnstjue: I dropped epdfview from 3.223:38
frinnstif you want to add the qt viewer :)23:38

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