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jaegerteK___: are you running a 3.2 setup anywhere? If so, does efibootmgr build properly for you?00:30
jaegerteK___: looks like it might be this bug, though we're not using clang:
jaegerthey reference a newer version than is available at the original dell link so I went searching, looks like we might want to switch to either or
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jaegerteK___: looks like it needs as well now02:46
jaegerteK___: <-- example Pkgfile if you want it02:53
jaegerrequires popt as well, more stuff for the ISO02:53
jaegerefibootmgr 0.12 builds with that efivar port installed for what that's worth03:02
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teK___I am not07:57
teK___I cannot guarantee to be able to set soemthing like that up before Agust 10th07:58
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teK___speaking of our site.. I had much fun updating php to a _supported_ version10:21
teK___yet pmwiki's plugins stopped working to a degree that made the site unusable10:21
teK___I had a look and a quick shot at them but they are unmaintained and me no habla php10:21
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jueteK___: I'm using pmwiki here for documentation, but I'm not a php programer10:25
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jueteK___: plugins I'm using:10:31
jueskinchange wikilog renamehelper rename numtoc tracetrail sectionedit10:32
teK___with a current version of PHP?10:53
teK___most problems occour because of a deprecated regex flag but as soon as I removed it, things stopped working in general10:53
teK___tl;dr PHP updates have to be kept back until issues with our unmaintained pmwiki plugins are fixed10:54
teK___and flyspray had issues, too but those seem to be fixable by an update10:56
teK___this is a topic for August :-)10:56
jaegerteK___: would you like me to update efibootmgr in 3.2 for you? If so, we should probably leave the 3.1 version alone since it still works and 3.2 should be soonish14:00
teK___I can do that tonight, no worries :)14:20
teK___but thanks for the offer14:20
teK___did you just bump the version?14:20
teK___or add the dep.14:20
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jueteK___: yeah, php 5.5.27 and pmwiki 2.2.7814:51
frinnstfuck certs14:55
frinnstand laggy ocsp14:57
teK___jue: wtf. :)15:00
teK___but I think I got the toc receipe working by removing the regex-flags15:00
teK___but we have several other receipes that failed15:00
teK___jaeger: than just pull it :)15:01
teK___tahnk you15:01
jaegerteK___: do you want me to put you in as maintainer of efivar or do you want me to take it?15:09
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teK___I can take it, yes15:20
jaegerOK. I'll push those today at some point, fixing problems at work currently15:21
jaegerhow's your school/research going?15:21
teK___almost done15:22
teK___thanks for asking. I'm at 42 / ~60 pages. Images not counted in the 42 :)15:22
jaegersounds like good progress15:23
teK___better has to be that way15:31
jaegerwhen do you have to be finished?15:32
teK___August 10th15:32
jaegerAh, pretty close. Will you get there on time? :)15:32
teK___I have to15:32
teK___doing 1 page/day atm in parallel to working at my old shop15:34
jaegeryuck. well, hopefully you can relax after it's done15:37
teK___I moved the date for my new employment to september15:38
teK___current plan:15:38
teK___work / thesis till Aug 10th15:39
teK___work till Aug 26th15:39
teK___marry my girl 28th15:39
teK___vacation until Sep 7th15:39
teK___err 6th15:39
teK___new employment starting Sep 7th15:39
teK___we will see15:40
teK___ask again in 25 years :D15:40
teK___na, I'll be fine. Im a bit worried about the (tele)commuting but I will adjust15:44
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jueguess we can strip down the glibc-32 port a bit, e.g. we install the /etc/{host,resolv.ocnf} and other files and rm -r /etc later17:09
jueany objections if I do that, or was the intention to keep glibc-32 most similar to glibc?17:11
juesuggested diff is here ->
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jueFYI, I just compared the kernel-headers build from 4.1 and 4.1.3, they are identical17:41
jaegerjue: it was made that way just to keep them similar but you can feel free to trim it down. It's just that way because rm is an easy tool when converting a 64-bit port to 32-bit17:43
juethat's fair enough :)17:46
jueI stumbled over it, while trying to replace the mkdir calls with install17:48
jaegermight as well clean it up17:48
jueok, will commit17:51
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teK___we should make our mirrors official some time soon :P20:23
teK___and improve the mirroring mechanism *cough*20:23
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teK___jaeger: s/42/43/1. good night :p22:58
jaegernight :)23:30
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