IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2015-07-29

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juesepen: monit 5.14 works fine for me10:34
juejaeger: looks good, will create a preliminary handbook and releasenotes todo10:36
juedone, and
juethe handbook is a mostley verbatim copy of 3.1; please fix/extend both papers11:40
frinnstwe should make sure prt-utils - prtverify stops complaining when manpages are located in /usr/share/man12:44
frinnsti suspect it currently does12:44
frinnstMy god I suck, tried getting my backup server to send mail via a new relay for something like 2-3 hrs yesterday before I finally gave up and went to bed12:47
frinnstnow: 2 minutes to spot a typo and everything works12:47
jaegerI hate it when I do that13:05
jaegerjue: ok, cool13:06
jaegerdoes sepen check the logs? rarely see him on IRC anymore13:06
frinnstnot sure13:09
frinnstchecking logs instead of using irc sounds very cumbersome13:09
jaegerMaybe I'll just send him an email, might be easier13:11
juefrinnst: good call, will do13:55
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teK___frinnst: your git installation is outdated16:32
frinnstoh silly you16:37
jaegerWe'll need to create 3.2 rsync modules and a 3.2 xorg tree soon, maybe16:40
frinnstobviously not yet :)16:41
jaegerbefore the release, though :)16:42
teK___frinnst: :D16:43
frinnsttek       8544  1.1  0.0  23612  2744 ?        Ss   18:34   0:06 /usr/lib/ssh/sftp-server16:44
teK___helping with your distributed backup?16:44
teK___so be a little greatful16:44
teK___geez..16:44 <- sounds very patriotic!16:44
teK___Telekom Deutschland sucked as hell so I switched from DSL to cable16:45
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teK___they also had superkabel.nnnnnnn.de16:45
teK___oh btw.. Restrepo was nice. Did you watch the sequel?16:45
frinnsthow optimistic!16:45
frinnstno, what's it called?16:46
teK___like the valley they where depolyed.. have to look it up16:46
teK___I have yet to fix my raspi. You will be the first with a key :}16:46
teK___odroid c1 is even 'supported' by crux-arm16:49
jaegerit works decently, though console blanking is a pain in the ass and X doesn't work well yet16:49
jaegernon-X operation is pretty smooth16:49
jaegerteK___: #crux-arm16:50
teK___oh you put crux on the c1? :)16:50
teK___jaeger: was too lazy to join16:50
jaegerI don't think anyone else has one yet (at least not official crux-arm folks)16:50
jaegerjust you and me, maybe16:50
teK___but I dont care about console blanking and X on it. I want to use it as a headless data grave16:50
jaegerthat much should work fine, yeah16:50
teK___although I'd strongly prefer to run the odroid U316:51
teK___the pre-built packages are out of date.. hmhmhm16:52
teK___are you building things on the odroid or crosscompiling?16:52
jaegerI think it's pretty much up to me to update the c1 supported devices page but I haven't worked on it recently16:52
jaegeron the odroid, I've never had much luck cross-compiling anything more complicated than kernels16:53
jaegerit's way faster than the rpi1, though, not very painful16:53
teK___yeah, I'd love to use the new odroid XU4 with passive cooling :]16:54
teK___it even has usb 3.016:54
teK___did you try mirroring the installation to qemu-arm?16:55
jaegernot yet16:56
teK___for performance etc. yet I think the penalty is rather harsh :)16:56
jaegerMy c1 is not connected right now and I'm at work while it is at home but if you want some updated packages or a rootfs or something I can try to get that to you this week/weekend16:57
teK___nooo hurry17:09
teK___at least  not before Aug 10th17:09
teK___but it would be great if that could work :)17:09
teK___thanks :)17:15
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