IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-08-01

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frinnstthoughts re. cleaning out core? ppp, zip(is it needed for something?), reiserfsprogs ?17:45
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frinnstcore and opt for 3.2 should be rsync'able.. well, core as soon as something gets pushed to it17:48
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frinnstjfsutils too18:04
frinnstI removed ext3, reiser, jfs from the fstab examples and added btrfs18:04
jaegerdo any of the fs utils need to be in core besides e2fsprogs?18:05
jaegerzip and unzip both can move, I think. that's been mentioned before but I don't remember when18:07
jaegerppp I would assume could move18:07
frinnstnothing links against btrfs right now that I know of18:30
frinnstno clue about the others sans e2fs18:30
frinnstwe should probably still include them all(?) on the iso for rescue purposes, etc18:35
frinnstadded a note to the todo18:35
frinnstbiggest problem not including the fs-progs might be when people just do a core install and then get surprised when stuff they expect is missing18:36
frinnstbut that's probably not a problem :)18:36
jaegeryeah, I'd leave them in opt and on the ISO... just not in core, I think18:48
frinnstShould we be brave and do it when jue isnt around? :D18:50
jaegerI'd wait, he's scary!18:51
frinnstfuck it, Im in the mood. can always revert :-)18:52
jaegerthis is true18:53
frinnstboom, done18:55
jaegerfrinnst did it!18:55
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