IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-08-04

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frinnsthi jue10:14
frinnstI went a bit crazy and cleaned out core-3.2 :)10:15
frinnstfeel free to revert anything you object to10:15
frinnstafaik we dont need zip in core, nor ppp. We should (and will still) have these packages on the iso10:16
frinnstand only e2fsprogs out of the filesystem userspace tools are really needed for linking10:16
frinnsti've created rsyncable branches for opt and contrib. xorg and compat-32 remains10:19
juefrinnst: that's ok for me, no objections10:24
juefrinnst: looks like you forgot to move unzip too ... ;)10:25
frinnstyeah, i  guess we use libarchive for all .zip distfiles10:31
frinnstwas unsure about that one10:31
jueyeah, bsdtar is doing all of that, see unpack_sources() in pkgmk10:34
jueIMO the whole 3.2 thing is in good condition already10:47
frinnstyeah I think so10:51
frinnst[0]=open <- thoughts?11:09
frinnstFS#1146 - Take a look at pkgadd.conf and perhaps do some changes/fixes11:09
frinnstlots of old cruft in flyspray11:16
frinnst <- ncurses: install an additional header file include/ncursesw/ncurses.h11:27
juewrt 1146: all pid files are cleaned at system-sytem start anyway11:27
frinnststill seems to currently be a problem. any reason not to implement11:27
frinnstyeah but pid will be overwritten by an empty file, so restarting the service might break11:33
frinnstand we dont blindly overwrite stuff in rc.d11:33
juewrt 667: will add that later today11:35
juewhich port overwrites a pid file?11:35
juewhy do you see a problem if we overwrite rc scripts? we don't do that for net which includes user configurations, but the others?11:37
frinnstYeah, its not a big deal. I'll close the bug. I usually change init-scripts but that's my problem :-)11:45
teK___won't they be potentially protected by pkgadd.conf?11:46
jueadded a comment to #111111:46
frinnsti think contrib/bind does this11:46
frinnstIt did when I poked tek about it atleast :)11:46
frinnstanyways, Im happy'ish about the state of open bugs11:54
jueobjections if I bump util-linux to 2.27-rc1 on 3.2?13:17
Romsterto a rc any real reason over stable?13:19
jueyes, to test it on 3.213:25
jue3.2 is developer-only currently, so it's good possibility to test13:26
Romsteri guess so but then we would need to wait for it to come out of being a release candidate?13:26
juesure, but that's not a problem because 2.27 is definitely out before 3.2 ;)13:28
Romsteryeah so it's all good.13:30
frinnstgo for it14:27
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frinnsthm, what policies do we have for creating groups/users17:55
frinnstfree uid/gid's etc?17:56
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juefrinnst: you mean groups/users for daemons? if so that's not really defined yet, free uid/gid below 10018:35
frinnstim doing some changes to net-snmp. I'll just keep the old gid/uid18:38
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