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frinnst Comment by Fredrik Rinnestam (frinnst) - Wednesday, 05 August 2015, 01:43 GMT+1 -- Edit -- Delete00:51
frinnstI think this should be shipped with wpa_supplicant or whatever is most appropriate, not with iproute200:51
frinnstright, xorg 3.2 branch created. feel free to start editing manpage locations :-)00:52
frinnstcontrib is already up and running too. compat-32 remains but since i've never touched that repo i'll leave it to others00:52
frinnst"git checkout -b 3.2" && "git push origin 3.2"00:53
Worksteri guess i'll do compat-3201:01
frinnstrsync is prepared, I'll add a hook for git01:02
Workstercompat-32 has no man pages so it wont be much effort01:03
frinnstyou can add the COPYING and COPYRIGHT files to the repo if you want to do an initial push01:04
Worksterjust a matter of removing --mandir= and making sure it's still removed from share/01:04
Worksterwhen i'm home tonight if i don't get quiet before then01:04
frinnstjust wow01:19
frinnstzzz for real01:19
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teK___I am willing to take over some of the orphaned ports; will do/announce Tuesday next week14:03
jueteK___: btw, new remind works well for me ;)14:34
teK___will fire up ck4up on Tuesday, too. After not running it for months. I will digress in awe :>14:51
Romsteri picked up 4 ports that i already use. the rest i have no need for.15:27
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Romsterthem 4 ports i just picked up feel free to take over maintainer, my girlfriend jsut went apeshit over me over them i need them for my stuff to work but i am not allowed to pick them up... i am to allowed to drop 4 other of my ports i don't use as much either so... someone else will have to do more work so i can be bitched at less.15:49
Romsterwell 3 i am marking them as unmaintaned but i need them *shrugs*15:53
jaegeryour girlfriend is mad about your crux ports?15:58
Romstermad i called her my girlfriend... when we broke up again and back to friends... but i automaticly called her my girlfriend... she doesn't want me taking on more projects or ports because i have too many as it is now16:00
Romsternow she said to keep the dumb ports... and is pretty much done with me...16:00
Romsterwhat does she god damn want me todo drop crux and everyhitng...16:01
Romsteri pull my own weight around doing what i enjoy doing.16:01
Romsterconform to her get rid of so called friends that just wanted to use me for my skills. (in her words)16:02
Romstershes also mad at me for saying this16:02
Romsterchanged my entire lifesytyle for her.16:03
Romsterloaned her $500usd so she can move to another state as stuff i want go into.... bought her a comptuer ages ago for $1000 helped her with other shit.16:04
Romsteroh too many prots you do to many jobs not dong antoerh project on a  irc bot...16:04
jaegerI don't know her but man, that sounds like a whole lot of "oh hell no"16:05
Romsteri made the promase of no more projects then i started a bot...16:05
frinnstheh yeah16:05
frinnstliving alone ftw :)16:05
frinnst(im so lonely) :D16:05
Romsteri am loney we wee going great then we fight... repeat the process16:06
Romsteri am the one that lies and breaks promeses and can't get out of my batcholr lifestyle.16:06
Romsteri wont change when i try too.16:07
Romstersehs dumping me when we are jsut firnds now because of the bot... and now the ports because i lided and not talked to her first over taking them up....16:10
Romsterso i am the bad person i do everything wrong.16:10
Romsterso i basically lied i wont take anything else on and i do...16:11
frinnstaaaaaaaaaaaaand glibc 2.2216:11
frinnstworth considering even?16:12
frinnstI'll give it a spin16:12
Romsteri lied about talking to her before taking anything else on...16:12
Romstershe thinks you all will pin the blame on her when really it's my fault for not asking her first.16:13
frinnstIm not sure I follow16:15
jaegerIs she worth all this drama?16:16
Romstershe said i humiliated her from speaking about her here...16:17
frinnstbut we dont know who she is..16:18
Romstershes ais i blame it on her in public... to be honest i am shit at keeping a promise..16:18
Romsterand she said "time or her to spread rumors about me now..."16:19
Romsterthis is jsut fantastic...16:20
Romsterhold off on the ports.16:20
Romsterallt he lies i do nope i wont do any more projects.... nope no more ports then i pick up 3 more ports... she has a fit i broke a promase.16:21
Romsterwhy the fuck can i not choose what i do...16:21
jaegerThat sounds like crazy to me and I stay away from crazy like the plague16:23
Romsteri dunno you'll have to see if glibc is stable frinnst16:23
Romsterto be honest i've broken promises and i keep going back to my old ways16:24
Romstershe wants me to do less i do too much16:24
Romsteri have up my table tennis so i can spend more time with her.16:25
Romsteras much as i love that sport.16:25
jaegercompromises are a part of every relationship, changing who you are is not16:25
Romsternow she says i can't be with you because all your friends will pin the blame on her16:26
Romsteri've compromised play more games go out less gave up darts and table tennis.. don't go to the pub anymore.16:27
Romsteri make broken promesses16:27
Romsteri lie16:27
Romstertoo much god damn drama in my life... find the woman of my dreams... and we fight... before her i was out doing everything a batchor would and enjoying everything but loney...16:29
Romsterevery time... every single time, just rip my heart out and burn it.16:30
Romsteri get enough stress at work16:31
Romsterh can't be around you now because you've humilated me... make me look bad to your firends... what fucking friends... no one vists me unless they want something for me to fix or hang out and drink and eat.16:33
Romstershe isn't a bad person i fail to stop breaking things i say i'll do.16:35
Romsterlike no more projects i do too many as it is now.16:35
Romstershe don't care i picked up 3 ports.... don't care i use them and 2 of them are for other thigns i already have packaged... nope would not compromise on me dropping other ports in place of those16:36
Romsteri don't know anymore... i'm just not husband material... going by what she keeps telling me.16:37
Romstersorry guys i just vented here.16:38
Romsteri should just go see a psychiatrist and go get medication to take care of my mental state.... thought i was doing ok taking care of myself.16:42
jaegerAll I can really say is good luck, hope you get it worked out16:43
Romsteri should not have said a thing here but i am so mad.16:44
Romsteri am at fault so don't blame her.16:44
Romsteri'm not good enough, going to bed working... hopefully she contacts me when she is feeling better.16:46
frinnst/usr/lib/ symbol h_errno, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file with link time reference16:50
frinnstseems 2.22 isnt completely compatible16:50
jaegeralways something, heh16:50
frinnstWhy havent i done this before? *lie* to the family and tell them im *not* on vacation?17:11
frinnstfucking brilliant. Never had this much time to do stuff and relax before when i've had time off17:11
frinnstrebuilding everything with 2.2217:54
frinnstseems everything rebuilt just fine19:30
frinnstso am I crazy thinking we should sneak 2.22 into 3.2? :)19:33
frinnstThis release has known issues with sorting of Danish characters, see The glibc community is working on a fix. <- thats a feature damnit! fuck denmark! :D19:36
frinnsthad to regenerate locales for some reason19:46
jaegerI think it'll still be a little while before 3.2 so it probably would be fine by me20:15
frinnstalright, I'll push it20:19
frinnstwe can always revert20:20
frinnsthad to regenerate the locales on box #2 too20:39
frinnst <- NEWS file from the tarball20:48
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