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frinnstAug  6 13:41:48 zoidberg dovecot: imap-login: Error: connect(tcpwrap) failed: No such file or directory11:42
frinnstAug  6 13:42:22 zoidberg last message repeated 8 times11:42
frinnstlogin_access_sockets = tcpwrap <- oops11:44
frinnstconfigure setting too11:44
teK___hu? It is running crux 3.1. Did you remove it prematurely?11:48
frinnstno, 3.211:48
teK___this must be new?11:48
frinnstsince a few days ago11:48
teK___Last time I checked, it was on 3.1 :>11:48
frinnstfredrik@zoidberg:~$ crux11:49
frinnstCRUX version 3.211:49
teK___great. I have yet to update the hypervisor beneath to 3.1 :x11:50
teK___Will there be support for jumps from 3.0 to 3.2? :D11:50
frinnstshould be simple enough11:50
frinnstI upgraded my vm to 2.8 without too many problems11:51
frinnstobviously I never checked the web stuff to see if that was still working, but it booted atleast!11:51
teK___yeah, we should do something for this, too. In September. <311:52
teK___yeah, the web stuff _will_ be tricky as mentioned earlier. Running a recent installation of PHP broke both pmwiki (some recipes) and flyspray11:52
frinnstjue: thoughts about glibc 2.22 ?11:52
frinnstworks just fine here. Only issue was that you need to regenerate locales11:53
frinnstas you may notice Im in favor of using 2.22 in 3.2, but feel free to hold me back11:54
frinnstim ok with 2.2111:54
jaegerI'm running it here, no big problems so far.13:31
jaegerHad to regen locales and rebuild a few things but not too much13:31
juefrinnst: 2.22 is ok for me15:20
frinnsthave tested it on two machines, no issues other than the locale thingy15:48
frinnstadded some notes about that in the release notes15:48
jaegerI pushed a 3.2 branch of compat-32.git just now16:35
jaegerWhat's the best way to merge 3.1 changes into a 3.2 branch? "git merge 3.1" while 3.2 is checked out?16:37
jueI use 'git pull . 3.1' while 3.2 is checked out16:49
juebtw, I'll be out of town for around 4 weeks beginning next saturday16:51
jaegerdo you mind if I merge xorg to get mesa3d updated in 3.2?16:52
juehope that I find some connection for my laptop from time to time to be able to do some work16:52
jaeger4 weeks, wow :) nice vacation planned?16:52
jaegerI just tested locally, looks like "git merge 3.1" and "git pull . 3.1" do the same thing16:53
jueyeah, a longer trip to the "Ostsee"16:53
juesure, just merge xorg16:55
jaegerok, looks like that went fine16:56
jaegerI'm always a little hesitant to do merges, maybe I shouldn't be16:57
jaegeras frinnst says, "we can always revert" :)17:00
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frinnsthehe yeah18:22
frinnstI dont mind public fuckups. it educates everyone on what not do do :)18:22
jaegertrue :)18:40
jaegerdoes anyone use apulse-32? I noticed just now there's no apulse (64-bit)20:06
jaegerteK___: I just updated efibootmgr and added efivar to 3.2 opt, we discussed it a few days ago21:34
jaegerfrinnst: maybe we should add a locale generation script for 3.2+21:35
jaegerso you can run "localegen" or something instead of multiple localedef commands21:36
frinnstlike what, something that generates some common locales?21:45
frinnstoh, you mean that generates the already existing locales?21:46
jaegerthat would only help for a situation like the glibc upgrade but I was thinking more like what debian or arch does21:46
jaegeryou'd have a file like /etc/locales and you list the ones you want there21:47
jaegerthe script generates them based on that list21:47
jaegeren_US.ISO-8859-1 would be a line, for example21:47
jaegernot a requirement, just thinking about making it easier to (re)generate them21:50
frinnstI guess locale -a is the only way to really find what locales are currently on the system?21:57
jaegerI think so but I'm not an expert on locales21:57
frinnstme neither21:57
frinnstbut I wonder if we may screw up user locales by assuming too much from that output21:58
frinnstprobably not, but there might be some strange use cases21:58
jaegerthat output isn't even meaningful until localedef is run, I think21:59
frinnstlike, is it safe to assume "en_US.utf8" was generated with "localedef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.utf8" ?21:59
jaegerno idea there22:03
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