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jaegerfrinnst: what was the point of that recent lilo.conf tweak to move root to the append line?00:28
jaegerjust curious00:28
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jaegerfrinnst: never mind, I'm stupid and didn't read the commit message, now I see02:34
jaegerfrinnst: I updated the .md5sum for core/lilo in 3.202:41
jaegerdoes ppp need to be on the ISO at all?02:57
Romsteryes for pppoe connections not everyone is on cable me included02:58
jaegeris rp-pppoe needed or just ppp?02:58
jaegerteK___: is pmwiki no longer maintained? perhaps we should look at a replacement wiki03:01
Worksteri do't remember i have rp-pppoe installed along with ppp but more recently ppp has pr-pppoe support but i've had issues on a old crux install using ppp's rp-pppoe library.03:09
Worksteri'd guess rp-pppoe isn't needed anymore as ppp has the rp-pppoe codebase merged now03:12
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juejaeger: sure, pmwiki is maintained, last release was at 2015-07-2107:04
jaegerso theoretically we should be able to get newer php to work with it somehow, I guess07:06
jueyeah, I'm running it here for documentation with latest php07:08
jaegerhrmmm. I wonder what problems tek ran into, then. I didn't really pay close attention before, I must admit07:08
jueIIRC he had problems with one/some addons07:09
jaegerAh, ok. Perhaps said addon isn't maintained rather than pmwiki07:10
jueWorkster: the rp-pppoe plugin of ppp never played well for me, but I had never problems with the original rp-ppp07:14
juebut I don't use it anymore, on cable since some years07:15
jaegerway past time for me to sleep, good night07:17
juegood night07:25
teK___jaeger: it's the recipes we are  using (plugins) causing havoc08:34
jueteK___: do you know which ones?09:36
teK___the ones using the /e regex flag09:41
teK___I _think_ toc and members09:41
teK___I am planning my spare time to fix the situation some time in late August or September09:41
jueok, great :) If I can help somehow, please let me know09:47
teK___sure. It'll be mostly PHP-foo that I am going to need. THe packaging for apache, php etc is already done09:48
teK___ < sudoedit priv. escalation. There's no update yet. afaics10:01
teK___the changelog for p2/p3 does not mentioned a CVE or sudoedit.10:02
teK___there is 1.8.15 in mercurial..10:02
frinnstyeah should be released soonish10:15
frinnstseems to be it10:15
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juehmm, it's IMO10:20
juethe first commit after the 1.8.15 flag10:20
frinnstOh right10:20
Romster#plugin /usr/lib/rp-pppoe/rp-pppoe.so10:22
Romsterplugin /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.5/rp-pppoe.so10:22
Romsteractually jue i found ppp to be ok on 2.4.5 but this is old now...we are on 2.4.7 or something now.10:23
Romsteryeah we are on ppp 2.4.7 i havne't tested that yet.10:24
Romsteri'll try ppp 2.4.710:28
RomsterCouldn't load plugin /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.5/rp-pppoe.so10:31
Romsterother than that edit from 2.4.6 to 2.4.7 in options10:31
Romsteron 2.4.7 now10:31
RomsterRP-PPPoE plugin version 3.8p compiled against pppd 2.4.710:35
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RomsterRP-PPPoE plugin version 3.8p compiled against pppd 2.4.710:39
RomsterCouldn't load plugin /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.5/ other than that edit from 2.4.6 to 2.4.7 in options10:39
Romsterhonestly should install plugins into pppd/plugins/ without that versioned directory.10:42
Romsteror add a symlink10:43
Romsterjue, no trace of rp-pppoe on my system. was on ppp 2.4.5 for god knows how long and now on ppp 2.4.710:43
Romsterso we'll see how stable it is.10:44
Romstermore than likely rp-pppoe can be dropped and removed off the iso10:44
Romsterppp should be on the iso still.10:44
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jueRomster: good to know, please tell if it works well and I'll drop rp-pppoe altogether11:18
Romsterwell if you don't see me flapping in the with to pingouts you'll know :)11:22
Romsterbut i'll let you know anyways soemtimes my isp does go down for maintiance or something and is no fault of ppp11:23
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Romsterand i was trying to say "flapping in the wind with no pingouts"12:06
Romsterre-read what i typed and it made no sense12:06
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jaegerfrinnst: firefox depends on both zip and unzip at build time - zip is already in its deps on 3.213:25
frinnstah. thanks13:43
jaegerbeen trying to build a new testing ISO on the 3.2 side and have run into those things here and there :)13:51
frinnst I have a couple of machines to test the iso on when it's done13:54
jaegerI just started another bootstrap, if it goes successfully I'll test and upload it somewhere for folks here13:55
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jueanother security bug in pcre ->
juefrinnst: I've extracted the patch, it's here ->
juethe suggested Pkgfile diff is here ->
juefrinnst: would be nice if you could commit the fix as soon as a CVE number is available15:29
jueI'm a bit in hurry and don't know if I can do it myself the next days15:32
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frinnstwill do16:37
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juefrinnst: thanks :)16:52
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frinnsthell, why wait for a cve?20:22
frinnstI'll tidy it up later on20:26
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