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frinnsthm, my box at work didnt like 3.2 at all08:15
frinnstxorg just segfaults08:15
frinnstand not very much to go on from xorg.log08:15
teK___if in doubt: rebuild all the xorg-* packages08:18
teK___you may start with xorg-server08:18
frinnstyeah, but somehow xorg didnt log into /var/log08:22
frinnstso I was reading an old logfile08:22
frinnst.local/share/xorg/ - wtf?08:22
frinnstwithout the xorg-driver08:28
frinnstrunning startx as root works08:28
frinnstnot so much as a normal user08:29
teK___updating smartctl did not make the daily spam by go away08:33
teK___Device: /dev/sdd [SAT], Failed SMART usage Attribute: 190 Airflow_Temperature_Cel.08:33
teK___yeeeeah, right08:33
teK___________mavric: go get some decent cooling08:33
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frinnstgeez, wiped / and reinstalled 3.212:09
frinnstsame shit more or less12:09
frinnstxorg is fuucked12:09
frinnstand useless cpu on this box. rebuilding takes forever12:10
jaegerI had problems with xorg on one of my recent installs of 3.1, even. It was intel's fault, though. I didn't realize that modesetting is required now12:10
jaegerIt was a pain to figure out since all it did was segfault, not give useful errors12:10
frinnstyeah, same here12:10
frinnstwtf did you do? my kernel uses kms12:11
jaegerenabled KMS in the kernel *and* switched the xorg driver to "modesetting"12:11
frinnstnot running with the intel driver at all?12:12
jaegernope, couldn't ever get it to work. segfaults all day long12:13
jaegerI read some random ass online forum post that said "since some version xxx modesetting is required by the intel driver"12:13
jaegernow I wish I had bookmarked it12:13
frinnstwierd. I had a working 3.1 desktop here a few hours ago, before i thought "oh, upgrading to 3.2 might be a good idea. I'll notice what breaks" :)12:13
teK___I did not change a line for xorg during the last years for my i915 gpu12:14
jaegerno idea, that's what it required for me to get past the segfaults12:14
teK___i.e. I do not think I have ms12:14
jaegerIf one of you wants to rebuild with debug symbols and try to stack trace it, feel free :D I was too annoyed to do so12:14
frinnstyeah so am I :)12:15
frinnstindeed, works fine with the internal modeset driver12:15
frinnstusing glamor seems to work12:27
frinnstwith intel12:27
jaegerhow do you test that?12:27
jaegerI guess you enable it and then try to run X :)12:30
jaegerI was just reading to educate myself a bit12:33
jaegersounds neat12:33
frinnstpoor little i312:36
frinnstit might start to melt soon12:36
frinnst59C only12:39
frinnstjoy, alsamixer segfaults on start13:48
frinnstoh, works without color (-g)13:52
frinnstncurses thingy perhaps?13:52
jaegerprobably needs!13:53
jaegerperhaps we should tweak the git ports driver to be a first class citizen for 3.2?14:24
jaegerpeople keep asking about it14:24
jaegerif we can fix the issues with it14:27
frinnstbut the git version on is ancient14:27
frinnstdidnt work very well with --depth=114:27
jaegerI submitted some changes to it that used depth 1 and had support for specific branches but they didn't like those if I remember right14:27
teK___my date tonight for playing dont starve got canceled; what shall we do now? :>16:40
jaegerfix ncurses with frinnst ? :D16:49
teK___for starters, yeah16:50
teK___frinnst: you in?16:50
teK___gotta finish the last episode of true detective first ;)16:50
frinnstfeel free. no cruxing for me tonight17:59
teK___I got hold up in an updating spree =)17:59
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