IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2015-08-11

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frinnstjaeger: actually i never got our xorg-xf86-video-intel working09:04
frinnstI used git09:04
frinnstperhaps we should roll a tarball ourselves09:14
frinnstlatest "release" was 8 months ago09:15
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jaegertarball one did work for me with modesetting, for what that's worth12:32
jaegerI have no objections if the git version is stable, though12:33
frinnstbut are you *really* using the intel driver then?12:33
frinnstthe modesetting driver is integrated into xorg-server these days12:33
jaegerprobably not :) I was just assuming there's some overlap in the code12:34
jaegerI don't have a machine with intel video here at work but I can test it this evening at home12:36
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teK___still puzzled by the fact that it just works for me12:38
jaegeraren't you still running crux 2.8 or something? :D12:38
teK___on my laptop it's 3.112:39
jaegerah, ok12:39
teK___it is running this i915 I was talking about12:39
jaegerwould be nice to know what's different about your setup, yeah12:42
teK___I can paste my xorg.conf, if you like12:42
jaegerif you'll paste the conf and the log I'll compare it to mine when I get home tonight12:43
jaegerthat machine is turned off right now12:43
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jaegernice intel geforce 7300 there13:15
jaegerI wonder if the uxa acceleration method line makes a difference. I haven't tried that13:15
frinnstthe less known intel geforce line of gpus13:16
frinnsti bet you can get a pretty penny for that on ebay13:16
frinnstjaeger: didnt help me when i tried that13:16
jaegeranyway, thanks for the info, I'll test when I get home13:17
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rmullteK___: Sorry man, I have annoying news - when I tested the capabilities script for wireshark, I wasn't root. When I am root, it passes the test and tries to run setcap.13:46
rmullDropped the ball on that one13:46
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rmullNew openssh is out.
jaeger also17:05
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