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frinnstprologic: could I trouble you for yet another linux-firmware bump?09:05
frinnstthe bash'ism is fixed upstream09:05
prologicsure :)09:09
prologicunfortunately I'm not really using it atm09:09
prologicmythtv box died :/09:09
prologicbut I'll bump it just for you :)09:09
prologicit'll be about ~20mins :P09:16
prologicuploading the tarball now09:16
prologicI should create a tool to make this easier09:16
prologichave to git pull && git archive song 'n dance09:16
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frinnstcould you push it to 3.2 too? :)10:05
prologiclol really?10:17
prologicyou can :)10:17
prologicI'm still on 3.1 :)10:17
frinnstim at work, but nevermind.10:25
frinnsttheres a branch for 3.2 if you want to start to play with it10:25
frinnstwhat needs doing most in opt and contrib is just build testing and perl footprint fixes10:27
frinnstprologic: did you do a testbuild?10:55
frinnstrm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/work/linux-firmware-20150722-work/pkg/lib/firmware/{WHENCE,LICENSE.*,LICENCE.*}': No such file or directory10:56
frinnstMakefile:9: recipe for target 'install' failed10:56
frinnstseems the official mozilla build of firefox is a lot more stable than ours13:03
jaegeris ours unstable?13:03
jaegerI haven't tried 40 yet13:04
frinnst40.0 is, atleast for me13:04
frinnst39 was rock solid here13:04
jaegerdo they use a different optimization or is it something else?13:56
jaegerI'm going to start moving man pages in 3.2 xorg.git today if nobody objects14:01
frinnstfeel free14:04
frinnstthe official buildconfig looks very slimmed down14:05
frinnst--enable-update-channel=release --enable-update-packaging --with-google-api-keyfile=/builds/ --with-google-oauth-api-keyfile=/builds/google-oauth-api.key --with-mozilla-api-keyfile=/builds/mozilla-desktop-geoloc-api.key --enable-crashreporter --enable-release --enable-elf-hack --enable-stdcxx-compat --enable-warnings-as-errors --enable-official-branding14:05
frinnstmust be more to the story than that14:05
frinnstanyways, im gonna play around with it tonight14:05
frinnst --enable-elf-hack <- not sure what that actually does14:05
jaegerhrmm, interesting14:06
frinnsthavent found any real documentation on it14:06
jaegerI'm interested to see what you find out14:08
frinnst--disable-elf-hack      Disable elf hacks14:09
frinnsthow informative14:09
frinnstnice find14:11
frinnstconfigure suggests its enabled by default14:11
frinnstso I guess we use it14:11
jaegerperhaps the hacks are too buggy for 40?14:11
frinnstbut they are explicitly enabled for the official build14:12
rmullDiscussion here says they might have been stable (or stabilizing) as of 20/21:
frinnstThank You14:13
frinnstUsing Adblock14:13
frinnstand making the monthly server expenses (to serve this page to you for free) along with the countless sleepless development nights (to provide this website to you for free), completely useless.14:13
frinnstfuck that guy14:13
rmulllooks like you need noscript, which hides that crap14:14
frinnstshame theres no contact info. otherwise i'd send him a "you're welcome" email14:14
jaegerteK___: I got distracted with my gpu passthrough setup and haven't compared my config with your paste yet but still planning to check that out.15:33
jaegerthe gpu passthrough setup is working quite well15:33
jaegerthe onboard intel GPU is driving both monitors for the linux host. I use xrandr to turn off the second monitor so that it will switch inputs and so that its windows get moved to the main monitor while I'm running the windows VM, then turn it back on after the windows VM closes15:36
jaegeruse synergy to connect the mouse and keyboard to the windows VM15:36
frinnstprologic: I think something went wrong with your packaging of linux-firmware - still the old makefile15:38
frinnst <- thats the reason I'm bothering you :-)15:39
jaegerYour branch is ahead of 'origin/3.2' by 89 commits.16:08
jaegerI didn't update xorg-xf86-video-{newport,openchrome,sis,v4l,xgixp} because they didn't build16:09
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frinnstwe should probably just remove those17:58
jaegerAre they no longer part of the supported list?17:58
frinnstnot sure17:59
jaegersome of them are still listed on but it's not clear on which are current18:02
frinnstyeah. they still list radeonhd18:02
frinnstand that has been dead for years18:03
frinnstnewport - SGI Indy newport cards18:03
frinnstIt was discontinued on June 30, 1997 and support ended on December 31, 2011.18:04
jaegerI would guess it's safe to remove all of those. We could re-add them if anyone actually needs them18:08
frinnstbtw, reason to rejoice!:
frinnstThis version of the ESXi Embedded Host Client is written purely in HTML and JavaScript, and is served directly from your ESXi host and should perform much better than any of the existing solutions.18:31
frinnsthopefully a vcenter release is on the horizon18:31
jaegerstill has some issues but it's great that someone's finally doing it18:34
jaegerfrinnst: I installed the html5 fling ui on my home server, I like it so far. It's much more responsive than the normal web client and looks pretty decent19:53
jaegerVM consoles work great19:54
prologicfrinnst, which sha did you want it upgraded to?21:15
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frinnstprologic: latest head should do nicely. not sure what happened22:24
frinnstbut the commit is: c94da94b67ea008a86af578e1745af54230e95d822:24
prologicfrinnst: I think I tend to update to whatever Arch has22:50
prologicso I'll update to HEAD for you this evening then :)22:50
prologicthat's what happened :P22:50
frinnstxoxo <322:55

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