IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-08-13

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teK___rmull: woops12:57
teK___jaeger: take your tie :)12:57
jaegerI got a chance to test it last night, x still segfaulted for me unless I used the modesetting driver13:15
jaegerhaven't tried intel from git yet13:15
teK___srsly wtf :|13:16
teK___I would file a bug13:16
frinnstyeah Its fucked.13:17
frinnst3.1 or 3.2?13:17
teK___do you happen to have the same chipset in another machine>?13:18
teK___(to rule out flaky hardware)13:19
teK___scriptian roulette: uninstall annoying ruby and wait for things to break13:19
frinnstI had X working flawlessly in 3.1 with intel before upgrading to 3.213:21
frinnstgranted, the system had a few weeks uptime but still13:21
jaegerI only have 2 intel GPUs available to test but they're different chipsets. I'll have to test the one in my laptop next time I have it with me13:25
jaegerthe laptop has an old HD2500 and the other machine has an HD460013:26
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