IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2015-08-14

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frinnstawesome, firefox wont build with --enable-debug10:51
Romsteris firefox even improving? it's a slow browser11:01
Romsterfull of memory leaks11:01
frinnstwhat leaks?11:31
frinnstwhat usually seems to "leak" are useless javascripts on various pages11:31
frinnstpro tip: the extension "UnloadTab"11:32
Romstergoing to try this11:49
frinnstas for firefox not being "fast" - all browsers are more or less equal these days according to most tests, iirc?11:59
rmullHow about netsurf <_<13:00
Romsterfr out update to firefox 40 and it keeps crashing13:41
Romsteri see there is a 40.0.213:41
Romsterwent back to firefox#39.0.3-1.pkg.tar.gz as 40 and 40.0.2 keep crashing like crap16:02
frinnstI know. For some reason I can no longer get it to crash on my desktop16:11
frinnstbut i dont know what has changed16:11
jaegerwas it pic?20:15
frinnst--enable-debug is broken when used with --disable-tests20:24
frinnstnot using --disable-tests breaks the build20:25
frinnstfound a patch20:25
rmullAre the official firefox builds crashy too?\20:43
frinnstteK___: the celt51 update broke spice: No package 'celt051' found22:49
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frinnsthm, firefox with gtk3 looks ok'ish23:50
frinnstbut feels more snappy23:50
frinnststill havent found a compact gtk3 theme23:50

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