IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2015-08-17

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jaegeris the ncurses weirdness in 3.2 why htop no longer works properly?12:22
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frinnstworks for me12:43
frinnstdoes alsamixer segfault?12:43
frinnstit does for me at work, not at home12:43
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jaegerI'll rebuild htop, maybe it just needs a bump12:51
jaegerok, that fixed it. I should have tried that first, heh12:51
frinnstis your alsamixer linked against ?12:52
frinnstor => /lib/ (0x00007f1baa0e1000)12:57
frinnstsame here13:02
jaegera rebuild seems to have fixed alsamixer, too13:03
frinnsthm, pretty sure I tried that on my workbox13:04
jaegerfrinnst: I just updated firefox on my work machine to 40, I'm going to try to trigger a crash before I test your gist Pkgfile13:06
frinnstshame debug seems broken in firefox13:06
frinnstruns for a few seconds then nothing13:06
frinnstI think some of my machines are possessed or something :)13:07
jaegercould be, hehe13:07
jaegerso far firefox 40 hasn't crashed but the performance when playing videos now is terrible13:47
jaegerthe video plays fine but the browser loses nearly all responsiveness13:47
jaegertakes upwards of 10 seconds to recognize clicks or keypresses13:47
frinnstlol what?14:14
frinnstwith opt/firefox or my gist ?14:14
jaegeropt/firefox currently14:16
jaegerI haven't gotten it to crash yet, just perform really badly :D14:16
frinnstthats a new one14:16
jaegerIt's totally fine so far when not playing video14:16
frinnstcongrats in finding it :D14:16
jaegerheh, thanks. I feel like a winner (tm)14:17
jaegernot sure if all videos are affected; youtube dash definitely is14:18
jaegerit's really odd. the video is still playing at normal speed, just can't interact with anything until it catches up with keypresses or clicks14:18
jaegerok, not even all dash videos have the problem. one I'm checking now reduces the input delay to like 2 seconds14:20
jaegerbetter but still bad14:20
jaeger(mp4/avc.1 video)14:22
jaegermaybe everything is mp4/avc.1 when using html5, I don't know14:27
jaegereven more odd, the more videos I check out, the lower the delay gets... like it's burning in or something, so weird14:30
jaegerIt's inconsistent so I'm not sure how to adequately test. With that said, it hasn't crashed yet14:31
jaegeryay, finally triggered a crash. nothing video-related, just clicking a link15:20
jaegerfrinnst: your gist build hasn't crashed so far, though I still have no idea how to trigger one18:23
jaegerI'm not seeing the same video issues so that's an improvement.18:23
frinnstI had some video issues too with the opt port. video stopped, audio kept going. video resumed again when i moved the mouse over the firefox window18:29
frinnstanyways, cheers for helping out. takes forever testing by myself since debug builds are broken18:31
jaegerany objections to removing the rsa1 keygen from /etc/init.d/sshd after the 7.0 update?18:52
frinnstno, go for it18:53
frinnstI should have tested it more thoroughly18:54
jaegerno biggie18:54
jaegeroops, I should have bumped the version19:01
jaegershould I do that after the fact or just leave it alone?19:02
frinnstwell the Pkgfile didnt change :-)19:03
jaegeryeah, but if someone already built it they'd be getting the init script errors19:04
jaegerI'm not super worried about it, it's easy enough to say "update openssh"19:04
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